Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White Boule

This recipe was shared by a Facebook member in one of the baking groups. She used wholemeal flour but I ran out of that flour so I replaced with bread flour.  Turned out pretty good!

White Boule using Liquid Starter Method
adapted from here

Not a beautiful sight but this is what makes the bread delicious!

Liquid Starter:

80 g Sour Cream (I used yoghurt)
120g Hot Water (I used warm water because I was afraid hot water might kill all bacteria in the yoghurt)
50g Cold Water 
2.5g yeast
135g Bread flour (orginal recipe uses whole meal but I ran out of this flour)

Put the following ingredients in the order and mix them well. Leave them in a warm environment for 1-4hr or overnight in the fridge for a slower fermentation rate up to a maximum of 48hr. I prepared mine in the evening and leave it in the fridge till the next morning when I took it out and leave it in room temperature to thaw out before moving to the next step. 
You should see plenty of activity on the starter. It doubles in quantity and turns bubbly while sitting out on the counter to thaw.
Ready to proof

Main Dough:
200g Bread Flour 
2.5g instant yeast
7g salt

When the starter is ready for use, add the rest of the dry ingredients together except salt. Gradually add salt while kneading the dough until it is soft and pliable and passed the window pane test.  Leave in the mixing bow to proof until doubled in size then pour it into a lightly floured surface and de-gas. Shape into a boule and place it on a baking sheet or in a french oven. Allow to rise again for the final proofing before baking.
Golden crust!

Original suggested baking time is as follows:-

200 degC for first ~20mins
180 degC for the remaining ~15mins

I baked mine in a french oven at 190C for 40 minutes.
Chewy insides with crispy crust, so delicious!
Topped with cheese, egg and bacon with a dash of pepper ...Yum!


I can't stop eating!

Almost gone! :P

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