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Cheese Flavor Magic Custard Cake

This is the second time I bake of this magical cake, …I am sure every one who reads food blogs have heard of this cake already.  Said to originates from Spain but it is taking this part of world by storm, in the internet:)  I make a cheese flavored version as I still have cheese powder in my fridge. The result is a very tasty sweet and salty kind of cake which I like a lot.  Recipe is adapted from Baking Taitai's Magic Custard recipe which you can see here.

Cheese Flavor Magic Custard Cake
Makes one 8" x 8" square cake


113g melted warm butter
480g milk, lukewarm
1 tablespoon water
4 eggs separated (60g each with shell)
100g plain flour
15g cheese powder ~ this can be substituted with any flavor that you like
145g icing sugar
28g granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Extra icing for garnishing


1. Fully line the baking pan, preferably in a single piece of paper so the batter will not leak and also easy to lift out of the pan if you are not using a removable bottom one like me.
2. Melt the butter in a pan and keep it aside to cool.
3. In a separate pot, warm up the milk.
4. Beat up the yolks with icing sugar until pale and creamy. Add butter, vanilla and water; stir to combine then add flour/cheese into the yolk batter and stir with a whisk till combined.  Lastly add the luke warm milk. Stir with a whisk to thoroughly mix it into the yolk batter.
5.  While the you are preparing the yolk batter, you can start beating up the eggwhites in a stand mixer. Add in the granulated sugar once it turned foamy and let it beat till very stiff peaks.
6.  Once the milk has been mixed into the yolk batter, add the stiff eggwhite meringue and continue to mix with whisk until the meringue is well incorporated into the yolk batter.  The final result will be very runny with fine bubbles in the batter.
7. Pour into prepared pan and bake in the preheated oven @ 150C for 60-70 minutes until golden.

8. Lift it out of the mould and let it cool on the rack. You can slice it once it is cool enuf or keep it chill before slicing. Dust some icing sugar on the top before serving.  Enjoy!

Below are some photos of the different stages of preparations:-

Beat egg yolks and icing sugar until pale and smooth before adding butter , water and vanilla 
And flour/cheese powder and mix with a hand whisk till combined
Add in the milk and mix until you get  this runny batter
Beat egg whites with granulated sugar until you obtain a very stiff meringue
Pour meringue into egg yolks mixture and slowly work it with a whisk
Pour the batter into prepared pan and even out the surface 
Bake on the lowest rack at 150C (my oven) for 55-70 minutes
or until it is golden brown like this

Let cool slightly before lifting it out on to a cooling rack and cool till warm before slicing off the sides

There you have it, magical revelation of the 3 layers:P

Serve it with a dust of icing, either warm or chilled
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