Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vegetable Dhal Curry - AFF Indian Sub-Continent

The event AFF is created by Wendy of Table for 2.... or more and this month's featured food is from India. My son has been cooking this vegetable dhal curry for us every now and then,  but I have not asked for the recipe until now. This is a very simple recipe using ingredients easily found locally.

Vegetables Dhall  Curry
inspired by a North Indian exotic curry house in Klang

1 cup dhal [you can mix different types, I used split skinned mung lentil (moong dal) and bengal gram(chana dal)], soak for about 1 hr for easy cooking
1 small daikon (radish), sliced
1 medium carrot,sliced
1 large tomato, sliced
1 large potato, cubed
1 large onion, sliced
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 pcs dried chillies, cut to 1 inch, soaked
1 pc red chilli, cut to 1 inch
Few sprigs of curry leaves, stem removed

Spices: - 1 tbsp garam masala
                1 tbsp cumin powder
                1 tsp turmeric powder
                1 tbsp mustard seeds
Handful of coriander, roughly chopped
Water as needed – you can use chicken broth if you have it then you can omit the chicken stock
Salt  to taste
1 cube- Chicken stock
Prepare your spices
After a frying vegetables, transfer all to the simmering pot of dhal
Add water to simmer till the lentils are soft
This was cooked a couple of months ago 
This was cooked last weekend

1.       In a pot, place the soaked dhal and add water to cover and bring to boil then slow fire to simmer.
2.       While dhal is simmering away, in a wok or pan, add 3 tablespoon of oil to fry the garlic and sliced onions till fragrant before adding the spices. Fry for a minute.
3.       Add the vegetables and continue frying until vegetables are well coated with spices.
4.       Dish out and put into the simmering dhal. Continue to simmer until dhal is soft enough. Add water/broth as needed. 
5.       When dhal is soft to your liking, add salt to taste and add coriander leaves. Dish out and serve with your favorite chapatti or thosai or roti canai. If don’t have bread, just eat it like that or with rice.
I had this with homemade chappati, it was so good!

I am linking this post to Asian Food Fest- Indian Subcontinent hosted by Chef and Sommelier

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