Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hangzhou/Suzhou/Shanghai Nov 2013

Floating Restaurant on Westlake which one can rent for RMB8,000 a night

Lei Feng Pagoda from Westlake, Hangzhou

The city of Hangzhou, photo taken from a boat on Westlake

Sunset at Westlake

The Lei Feng Pagoda which was rebuilt over the original pagoda 
View of Westlake from the pagoda
Suzhou Cultural & Art Centre
Night scene of Suzhou
Day scene of Suzhou

Boarding the boat to cruise along the Bund area

View from 94th Floor of observation tower

@ Stonegate 

The place to eat cheap Siu long bao, if you have the patience:)
Long queue!
No time to queue? Pay a higher price to eat upstairs

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