Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snow skin (Bing pi) Mooncakes ~ natural color from blue pea flowers (Bunga Telang)

When I saw Cheah of No Frills Recipes posted her beautiful blue mooncakes, I immediately pin it for making since I have a bunch of blue pea flowers in my freezer.  Just need to soak it in hot water and you'll get a nice natural blue stain:)

I too used premixed flour which is easily available at this time of the year.  Baking suppliers are stocking up on mooncakes ingredients and making brisk sales as many will buy to make their own mooncakes to be given as gifts or prayer.

I made them into mini sized mooncakes.  Weight of skin is 20g and filling is 25g for the mould that I am using. I like thicker skin :D

There's nothing better than enjoying a slice of the mooncake with a good cup of matured sheng (raw) pu'er tea made from a yixing teapot:D

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  1. hehehe, actually I also planning to use blue pea flowers to make snowskin mooncake too. Your moon cake look nice and good.


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