Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pandan Flavored Snowskin Mooncakes

I am on a mooncake trail here:D Bought a kilogram of cooked glutinous rice to try out various colors of snowskin using natural ingredients to color them.  The first color I tried out was blue using the bluepea flowers one and I think they were lovely.  For the color green, use pandan juice to color them pastel green. Filling is red bean paste. Measurement is the same except substituted the water with pandan juice.

Next is the orange one which surprisingly turned out looking very yellow instead of orange!

I did the bluepea flowers again just because I still have some cooked glutinous rice left over :)

This time I mix the dough from Sonia's recipe after seeing her lovely multicolored snowskin mooncakes:)

Colourful Snowskin Mooncakes 彩色冰皮月饼
(recipe source: adapted the basic recipe from Hearty Bakes,with changes)

38g Koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour) 糕粉
38g Icing sugar糖粉

13g Shortening白油
45g Iced Cold water冷水

White lotus paste/red bean filing


1. Weigh filling paste at 40g each. Shape into rounds and set aside.

2. Sieve cooked glutinous rice and icing sugar into a big bowl. Rub in the shortening and add in iced flavored water, mix to form a dough. Remove and roll into a long strip. Scale to 25g each and roll into rounds. Flatten and wrap in lotus paste balls. What I did was put a piece of skin dough between two sheet of cling film and roll it flat with a rolling pin.  Remove one piece and then gently peel off the rolled dough with lightly floured fingers and wrap in the paste. 
3. Place the wrapped paste/dough into a mooncake mould. Press firmly to get a nice clear imprint of the design, dislodge imprinted mooncake from mould and place into mooncakes cases. Chill well before serving.

To make with difference colors, replace cold water with:-

Yellow-mango juices + yellow food colouring (I used freshly squeezed orange juice, make sure you use oranges with very bright orange flesh)
Green-cooked pandan water + green food colouring (I didn't add), store in the fridge to let it cool.
Blue- cooked blue pea flower water, store in the fridge to let it cool.

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