Monday, March 18, 2013

Pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms and...

Ready to bake

...chinese sausages! My son said this is strange combination when I told him the ingredients but he ate half the pizza so it must be good huh! :D This pizza is inspired by lena's of Frozen Wings' pizza post; when I saw it, I immediately when about preparing the very easy dough and bake this pizza within the hour! Very simple and easy indeed! All ingredients are left overs so this is a 'clear the leftovers' kind of pizza:D

Ready to eat...really tasty!
Pizza dough adapted from lena's post here. Do hop over and see how she pan fried her pizza dough.
For Pizza Base
110gm plain flour I used 150g to make a 9 inch pizza
1 tsp baking powder I used 1 tsp yeast and proof for 30 minutes
1/2 tsp salt
freshly milled black pepper( i did not add ) I added some chilli flakes
1/2 tsp dried oregano ( i used italian herbs)
1tbsp of olive oil plus 3tbsps water ( i added another 2tbsps water ) I used all water only (adjust accordingly to hydrate the dough to produce a soft dough)

For the toppings, I used these:-
Enough carbonara sauce to cover the pizza
Chinese sausage, sliced and panfried 
Sliced canned mushrooms
I used an assortment of Mozzarella shredded cheese, cheddar slices and cheese powder
Yellow and red cherry tomatoes, cut into halves

Using leftover ingredients except for the cherry tomatoes
1.Start off by measuring the flour and yeast, pepper and oregano in a mixing bowl and mix them together.

2.Then add water and pour this into the dry mixture. Using a wooden spoon, stir to form a moist but unsticky dough and transfer to a floured surface.  Keep adding water a little at a time to form the dough. Once dough is roughly formed, pour onto the counter table and knead until a smooth dough is formed. Leave it covered for 30 minutes to proof before rolling or patting to a 9 inch diameter round.

3. Pat the dough into a pizza pan and smear pasta sauce on the top before proceeding with the rest of the toppings.

4. Bake at 200 deg C for 25 minutes or till golden. Remove and serve immediately.

I am linking this post to the event Little Thumbs Up hosted by Doreen of My Little Favourites with the theme ingredient this month, Tomatoes.

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