Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cereal Butter Prawns

I bought some prawns for a very reasonable price from the local mall recently and froze them for use in the still on going Chinese New Year celebrations.Prawns are considered a very auspicious dish to serve during this time as the way the name came out in our dialects, they sound like laughter...:) That aside, we all love prawns here and they are always welcomed no matter what the ocassion is. This is a very popular dish served even at restaurants and they usually cost a lot. Much cheaper to cook at home:)

I googled and found this recipe in Kitchen Tigress's blog where she showed a video on how to cook this delicious dish. Her recipe is for a small amount of prawns so adjust the ingredients accordingly if you have more prawns:)


Cereal mix
¾ cup Nestum cereal (original flavour)
½ tsp salt
1½ tsp sugar
1½ tbsp milk powder

300 g medium size prawns (8 pieces) ~ I have more prawns as you can see:D
trim, devein, wash, and dry thoroughly
1 tsp salt
½ egg, beaten
1½ tbsp plain flour
vegetable oil for deep-frying
30 g unsalted butter (2 tbsp)
1 bird's eye chilli, thinly sliced (more if you prefer hot)
6-10 sprigs curry leaves
rinse and dry with paper towels; discard stalks to yield about 1/8 cup
Cereal, curry leaves, chilli padi and marinated prawns
Thoroughly stir ingredients for cereal mix and set aside.

Sprinkle prawns with salt. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle with flour and mix till  well coated. Deep-fry in just smoking oil over maximum heat possible till just cooked. Drain.
Just fried!

Heat butter till bubbling and lightly brown. Add curry leaves and chilli. Fry over medium heat till fragrant.

Reduce heat to low. Add cereal mix. Stir till lightly golden. Curry leaves should crisp up as excess moisture is absorbed by cereal.

Add prawns and toss till well mixed, turning off heat as cereal turns fully golden brown. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. Plate and serve.

Too anxious to taste the prawns,  so didn't take many photos:P
Serve this yummy dish immediately!
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