Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend in Bangkok, bitter sweet memories...

The place where we stayed, newly refurbished, lovely!
The following are photos of my recent trip to Bangkok, overall quite enjoyable if not for the bad case of food poisoning that left us weak and lying in bed for a day and night.  Have to cancel our plan of visiting the grand temple which we were so looking forward to! Oh well, at least we managed to visit quite a lot of places and ate loads of food before falling ill!

Free beverage in the lobby

Great view of the city from the window of our suite
Comfy sofa and chairs to relax
Nice comfortable kingsize bed 
Spanking new toilet
Yummy delicious food!

This is the famous one bowl noodles although this is sold in  a bigger portion at Terminal 21

Eating healthy for breakfast:D

A common sight, pink cabbies and overhead cables!

This  place serves very delicious seafood tom yam

Papaya salad, very appetising!

I love this!

Heading for some serious bargaining at Chatuchak


Very reasonably priced seafood....

Seafood tomyam

Fried eggs with oysters

Baked fish and bbq prawns , yum!
After the above meal in Chinatown, ended up in hospital for food poisoning!
Put on drip for a few hours and discharged with a huge bill!

So eat at your own risk lol! Definitely a no no unless you have an iron stomach!

This pomegranate drink looks delicious!
Durians anyone?
Apples galore

The mango and glutinous rice here was awesome!

The best I have ever eaten 

The smoothie was delicious too! 
Terminal 21, a pretty awesome place where every floor is a different country theme 

This is so Japan:D
San Francisco Golden Gate bridge on the highest level, complete with cars!
More food:D

And shopping
And dessert!

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