Friday, June 29, 2012

Honey pork belly

When I saw Nami's post on this honey pork belly, I knew I just had to try cooking this delicious looking dish too! I bought a nice piece of pork belly the following weekend and go about cooking it just like the way she did it and served with rice.  Nami blogs under the blog name of Just One Cookbook which is very well written and fill with delicious asian recipes that she had tried and enjoyed by her family.  How generous of her to share her recipes with us:) You can refer to her post here for this delicious pork belly recipe. Thank you Nami, for sharing:D I enjoyed cooking this very simple yet delicious dish.

I can't resist taking photos of this dish!
Simmering the pork in the sauce until the sauce is almost dry

So yummy! I serve this with rice and some stir fried vegetables

Want some? Hop over to Nami's blog for the recipe!

Have a great weekend folks! :D

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