Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy Acar (Spicy Pickles)

When I saw this recipe in Denise's blog singapore shiok!, I commented that I need to eat more dishes like these.  Since she wrote that it only took 10 minutest to prepare besides the 1 hour waiting time in the fridge, I embarked on making this as soon as I got together all the ingredients needed.  Turn out pretty tasty although I must say, the chilli sauce I used was really hot! For those who enjoyed hot stuff, this is it!

This is one recipe Denise has taken from her new cookbook, Mum's Not Cooking which contains lots of easy Singaporean recipes for busy mums like me or for singles who wish to whip up something easy and simple to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes. The recipe for this easy and delicious pickles can be found in her blog.  Just follow the link:) I am really too lazy to type lol!
This is the Chili Sauce that I used, it's hot!
Hope you folks have a great weekend!

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