Friday, April 20, 2012

Pandan Cotton Cheesecake

I love feathery light cakes and can never get tired of eating them.  This cake is adapted from the basic cotton cheesecake by simply adding some pandan paste to the milk before mixing with cheese and butter to melt.

 Melted cheese mixture
 Mixed with flours and salt
 Ready to go into the oven
 While waiting for the cake to bake, do some exercise...less guilty afterwards!:D
 Fully baked, cracked a bit!
 Completely cooled....shrank slightly as expected.

 Slice up a piece...
 Get a nice fancy fork, and tuck in!
Fine crumbs and very fragrant, so melt in the mouth perfect indulgence!Yummy!
Have a great weekend folks!:D

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  1. Oh my! i want a slice too, the cake looks yummy with a great texture!


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