Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dim sum for breakfast....

It's crowded!

 Perhaps those staying around the vicinity of Damansara would know about this dim sum restaurant? Well, I had just recently discovered this restaurant, and was very impressed with this establishment.  Even though the place was packed, and there were many people waiting for their tables, the service was surprisingly quick! We expected to wait for quite a bit as there were a long queue ahead of us, but amazingly we only waited about 15-20 minutes before our number was called. Yes, we had to take a number and then wait to be called.

 The pot stickers and the fried dumplings served with black vinegar and shredded ginger were delicious.  The dumplings were huge!
 Steamed mussels with minced pork, I liked this, very flavorful and fresh
 Fishballs, springy and delicious and quite big too!
 Siew mai, very nice texture of minced pork with some carrots and minced prawns too
 Fish paste wrapped with bean curd sheet(fuchok), I liked this very much, very fresh:)
 Seaweed siew mai with crabmeat and minced pork and vegetables, another winner with me:)
 The boys love this prawns chee cheong fun, came with some bok choy and a plate of chill paste, yummy!
 This dish was scallops with salted egg yolk wrapped in bean curd sheet and then fried
 Another favorite of mine, fried radish cake cubes with lots of preserved minced radish and dried shrimps and beans sprouts and flavorful!
 The boys love this, just because there's bacon in it, the sauce had crab meat in it, not bad too
This last one was lai yao bao (steamed bun with flowing salted egg custard filling), a hot favorite with the patrons.  The above dishes with a pot of teas for 3 persons cost us RM75 (about USD23?)

Very reasonably priced in my opinion with very efficient service, you don't have to wait around for the food, there were many waiters walking around with trays of dim sum and you just order whichever dish you fancy from them.  They only accept cash though.  No credit cards allowed so make sure you bring enough money if you planned to go there!

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