Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Activities

I had been a good girl this weekend, stayed at home and just tidy up the house, and tried my hands on baking the delicious castella cake like many bloggers seemed to be baking these days.  Before that, here are some photos that I took last week while shopping for my groceries.  These plants caught my eyes with their beauty:)
 The top rows were the mint plants.  I had to resist the urge to buy one as the last one I bought didn't last long:P
 And these were the rosemary plants which too didn't last long in my home, so I'll stay away from it and just use the dried ones lol!
 And these were very pretty flowers in a row! They were sold in the vegetable section of the supermart.
 Ahh! and this was my very first try on the castella cake or kasutera cake that got everyone drooling of late.

 Err....why was the top so wrinkly and not smooth like those baked by other bloggers? Of course, I didn't wrap it up and keep it in the fridge as advised, too impatient to cut into it! I used Biren's recipe for this first try as it seemed to be the easiest and contained the least ingredients:D Taste wise, very soft and fluffy and the honey was very distinctive.. a bit too sweet, I would reduce the sugar on my next try.

And this yummy roast pork rib was my lunch:D I followed Wendy's recipe and it was delicious! 

And lastly, I also baked some pumpkin buns for lunch in the office tomorrow:D Soft and fluffy! The dough recipe can be found here. I'll have it with butter and jam:) Or perhaps a fried egg? or a pork burger?

Have a good week ahead folks....:)

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  1. I like the rib, looks juicy and delicious.
    Rosemary plants also didn't last long in my home :(


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