Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ciabatta - Bake Along #20

I have been wanting to bake this ciabatta from the first day I saw it posted in the Bake Along, but just hasn't got the time to do it until today.  This ciabatta recipe needs a long proofing time as the dough needs to tripled before you can shape it and bake. The dough is also very sticky and soft, more like a thick batter than dough in fact, and I need to use lots of flour to handle it! But the final product is indeed very satisfying, the texture is chewy with crusty crust! :D

As soon as the dough leaves the sides of the bowl, it's ready for proofing.
After proofing and tripled, this is how it looked...
I shaped it directly on one side of the silpat and just before baking I turned it over by gently lifting the silpat and fold it over.
Baking in the oven, it sure can rise!
 And here it is, the final product

Here's the recipe if you want to try this:-
(I halved the recipe to bake one large loaf of ciabatta)

500g bread flour 
475g (~2 cups) water
2 tsp. yeast 
15g salt 


In Kitchen Aid style mixer (Iused the K-Mix) : Mix all ingredients roughly till combined with paddle, let it rest for 10 minutes. 

With the paddle, beat the batter, it will start out like pancake batter but in anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes it will set up and work like a very sticky dough. If it starts climbing too soon, then switch to the hook. You'll know it's done when it separates from the side of the bowl and starts to climb up your hook/paddle and just coming off the bottom of the bowl. 

Place into a well oiled container and let it tripleit must triple! For me this takes about 2.5 hours. (Took me only about an hour, it was hot over here!)

Empty on to a floured counter (I dumped it directly onto a floured silpat), cut into 3 or 4 peices. Spray with oil and dust with lots o' flour. Let them proof for about 45 minutes, which gives you enough time to crank that oven up to 500F. 

After 45 minutes or so the loaves should be puffy and wobbly. Pick up and stretch into your final ciabatta shape (~10" oblong rectangle) and flip them upside down.  (I just fold over the silpat so the dough got turned)

Bake at 500F until they are 205F in the centre (about 15-20 minutes), rotating 180 degrees half way through. 
Look at the holes! Happy to see that:D Time to enjoy my ciabatta... now do hop over to the rest of the bake along blogs to check out their delicious ciabatta too:)

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