Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home made pasta

Recently I finally bought a pasta machine after being nagged at by my boys to get one for the longest time.  This was the first time I am making pasta from scratch and I must say the texture of the pasta was so much nicer than the store bought ones. I prepared quite a big batch of dough and cooked half immediately and kept the rest for the next day.  So we had pasta for two consecutive days but no one's complaining so they must be delicious huh!

 The first time, I made it into fetuccini and the sauce was a mixture of vegetables cooked with tomato sauce and a combo of herbs....err.. I didn't cook it so no recipe here:P
Second time, it was made into fine spaghetti...took only about 5 minutes to boil this, and the sauce was leftover lamb stew...yum! No recipe again lol!

Next, I plan to cook soup noodles (pan mee)...hope would turn out well too:)

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