Monday, February 6, 2012

Family "Lo Sang" Dinner at Mandarin Palace Restaurant

Since we are still in the Chinese New Year mood and it was a holiday here, we decided to treat ourselves to the traditional 8 course dinner at the Mandarin Palace Restaurant located in a very old hotel in the city.  Despite it being so old, it is very well preserved and the ambient is really old chinese style decorations with beautiful chinese paintings and artifacts placed strategically around the entrance to the restaurant.

The traditional "Yee Sang" dish was our first course for the evening
Next up is this delicious sharks fin soup with crab meat, I don't think real fins are added into this soup so no worries about sharks being killed for this dish!

Beautifully roasted chicken came next, crispy skin with soft juicy flesh, and perfectly flavored
Steamed fish with preserved mustard and tofu, the fish was fresh and the tangy soup very appetising

My favorite of all the dishes, the butter prawns, really succulent and yummy!
Next comes dried beancurd skin (Fu Chok) braised with dried oysters, hair weed (hair moss) and chinese mushrooms served on a bed of bok choy,  not very popular with the diners but still finished lol!

 This steamed glutinous rice looked like a huge bowl of loh mai kai with chinese sausage and other traditionally cured pork's very delicious and full of flavor, everyone like this!

Dessert was lotus paste filled fried pancakes and steam custard buns, all washed down with a bowl of cold longan/sea coconut drink (forgot to take a photo of that:P)
A bottle of red wine to complete the meal:)

Price @ about RM40(USD13) per head, I think it's pretty reasonable, no?

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