Thursday, February 9, 2012

Company Trip to Phuket ~ Dec 2011

This was a very long overdue post that I kept putting off due to the many photos that needed to be sorted out and re-size.  It was our company trip to Phuket Island, Thailand, last December. We spent 4 days there and it was quite a fun trip with lots of good food and good company (I hope my colleagues and bosses thought so too:D).  All in all, a very relaxing trip, especially when all expenses were paid for:D This must be one of the reasons why our company has such low staff turnover, lol!

View from the top of a hill, isn't it gorgeous?
This is the hotel that we stayed, it's beautiful!
 Very refreshing welcome drink upon arrival
 Our very well appointed room, so spacious and comfortable!

 View of the 4 pools surrounding the hotel from our balcony
 Can relax and enjoy a cooling drink right in the pool bar
Entrance to the hotel
 Patong Beach in sunset
and sunrise!

Cute! I "heart" this elephant:D
These dolls are so adorable!
We were lucky to be at Patong Beach during Christmas as they have a special street food stalls along the beach during this period, we were so spoilt for choice!
BBQ ribs, yummy!

Visit temple...
 More food! lol!

Night life is very good in Phuket, even when it is raining you can see people walking in the streets!
More sight seeing
More beach, Coral Island this time!
 Mango with glutinous rice and coconut milk, yum!
 Green curry chicken
The famous Tom yam soup...salivating just looking at it!
I want to go to Phuket again, just to eat all the food all over again!:D

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