Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cherry Torte

 Recently I was given a packet of fresh very sweet cherries and managed to save some for baking before it was all eaten.  I used them to bake this delicious and pretty cake which was very well received by all. The recipe for the cake was the same one that I used for Plum Torte but used cherries instead of plums.

 Before baking, it is so pretty!
 Just out of the oven
 Immediately shared a slice with the boys and so glad they like it:)
Also I would like to thank Joyce of Kitchen Flavours and Ah Tze of Away of Mind for passing on these awards to me:) Joyce and Ah Tze are both very good bakers and cooks and their blog are full of delicious food recipes from their kitchen, do hop over to visit them if you haven't already done so:) and be amazed:D

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