Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tandoori Delights

Hmmm.....after the long holiday, it's back to work today and boy! was I busy, and not too soon, it's time to pack up and go home, that's the best part of the day:D Well, I can't wait to visit other blogs to read about their holiday activities and drool over their delicious festive food.  As for me, I had the opportunity to enjoy something spicy and delicious, northern Indian food:)

 Dal Sultani, thick and full of goodness, delicious accompaniment with biryani rice or naan
 The starters, came free of charge with the meal by the way, with refills of the papadam too!:D I loved the mango chutney in the little pot on the left, so delicious eaten with the papadam.

 Delicious chewy garlic naan to go with the meal
 Plain Biryani, don't know why it's called plain when there were so much flavorful ingredients added to it:P
 Chicken Tikka Masala, spicy, sweetish with generous servings of chicken and plenty of gravy for the naan and rice:)
 This dish was a vegan dish, mainly eggplant, it's called Baingan Bhartha, quite flavorful but we can't finish this as there were just too much to eat:P
and this last dish was mutton vindaloo with potatoes and of course, cooked with lots of spices again which is typical of indian food:)
Washed all the delicious spiciness down with some wonderfully cooling mango lassi, yum!

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