Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a holi, holiday!

It's the end of the year 2011! One more year has passed,  everyone is busy clearing their annual leave and making preparation for school for their children. Soon it's time to bake cookies for more celebrations! The office is often quiet at this time as everyone is away on holidays, me included:D I took a trip to Penang with my guys recently to relax.  We started our journey at the break of dawn as driving in the tropical heat can be quite drowsy.  Reached there quite early and you can see from the photos below how we stuffed ourselves full of Penang local fares:D
 Crossing the bridge to Penang Island

 A refreshing bowl of cendol to quench our thirst, this was seriously good!
 A plate of Penang Rojak (mixed fruits salad) with loads of peanuts and rojak sauce, yum!
Of course, this is a must order dish, the famous Penang Assam Laksa, so flavorful you can't stop eating this! I think we had bowls of this!

Satiated and full to the brim with food, we headed to our hotel by the beach to relax...

 More food!
 more, please:)
 even more! hehe!

 Lone turkey waiting to be curved lol!
 Beautifully decorated desserts, looks delicious, no? Or just plain fruits in the back ground
 There were even tandoori chicken in the buffet! We were so spoilt for choice!
 This plate of Penang Char Koay Tiao cost RM23 (USD7)! Day light robbery! Luckily, it was quite delicious so we were sort of comforted:P
 And this plate of mixed vegetables with a bowl of steamed rice put us back RM20 (USD6), another robbery!
 Trishaw for rent if you are not up to walking the street, all beautifully lighted:D
Checking out the local stalls by the road after that huge buffet dinner we had at the hotel, phew! were we stuffed!

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