Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eating out

This weekend, it has been wet so far.  I think I get enough exercise just running out to take in the clothes when it rains and putting it out again after a couple of minutes, and then just when I am getting comfortable on the sofa, the rain starts again and so I have to run out to take in the clothes one more time and so that's how it goes for quite a few times before the clothes are dry enough to be ironed!
However, I got the opportunity to eat out at a couple of nice restaurants.  One was a newly opened Japanese Restaurant and another was a well established Chinese Restaurant famous for its xiao lung bao (soup filled dumplings)....both were delicious and satisfying :D

The Japanese Restaurant....
 Fresh shasimi, portion was for one but enough for 2 persons easily
 Tempura Prawns...not as big as I would want the prawns to be but they were fresh and crispy!
 Seaweed salad on a bed of lettuce on crushed ice, how much fresher can it be? Served with a tangy sauce, I can't stop eating this!
Wahyu beef stir fried with lots of onions, sweetish and savoury all at the same time, delicious, eaten with rice or the fresh lettuce that came with this dish.

Ahh..this is my favorite fish, sanma (Mackerel Pike) grilled to perfection and so delicious with a twist of lemon juice! Yum!

and the Chinese Restaurant....:)
 We were their first customers for the day!
No price for guessing which restaurant chain this is:P
Steamed peanuts as appetiser
The must have dish, xiao lung bao
 These were Beijing dumplings, with much thicker skin and no soup of course, bigger portion compared to xiao lung bao :P
Another favorite, fried carrot cake, the prawns were really crunchy and fresh! 

 Fried custard buns, these were good, crispy skin and soft inside with oozing custard filling
This was a cold dish, chilly pepper chicken, ate some before remembering to take a photo lol:P

Mix mushrooms braised in oyster sauce, delicious!
Wish both the restaurants are less pricey so that I could enjoy their food more often...some wishful thinking here!:P

Have a wonderful weekend folks:D

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