Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend meals

Another week has ended and a new one begins tomorrow....did you enjoy your weekend folks?:) I hope so....mine was quite relaxed, with time to cook some of my favorite food and also the boys' too....everybody was happy to get to eat something they like. The only damper was the custard buns that I did today, well they started off with custards inside but ended up outside once baked! Urgghh!
This is a sweet dessert which I boiled with gingko nuts, lotus seeds, white fungus and barley and sweetened with rock sugar....served either hot or cold!  refreshing!

These are the sweet potato buns with custard filling

They look soft and fluffy huh!... if only the custard didn't leak out...sigh!

Ahh! Fortunately dinner was perfect in the form of this super delicious pizza, the boy prepared this pizza after I prepared the dough.

The toppings are yellow capsicums, cherry tomatoes, red onions, bacon, pan fried shredded chicken and of course topped with lots of mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection! Lips smacking good!

Hope you have a peaceful week ahead everybody:D

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