Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Outside very noisy with fire crackers being let off non-stop...don't think I will get any sleep before midnight lol!  Since it is a holiday today, I took the boys for a meal of dim sum at Grand Imperial Restaurant at 1 Utama.
 I love this custard filled bun, I have tried to make this without much success, must try again one day:P
 Wu kok, basically it's mashed yam with savory filling, usually pork or chicken meat and then fried...another dim sum favorite.
 Fried radish cake with lots of preserved radish and beans sprouts...delicious!
 Egg tarts, not so can see two tones in the custard!
 This was quite delicious, chee cheong fun with char siew filling served with diluted soya sauce and chilli on the side
 Steamed fish balls, normal fair but delicious and fresh!
 The must have item....the siew loong pau...meat dumpling steamed to perfection!
 And last but not least, char siew pau, very tasty and fluffy, all washed down with a pot of nice hot tea!

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