Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another week just flew by....and I have another weekend meal to post here

Baked stuffed chicken and tomatoes and sweet potatoes and potatoes croquettes...this is a very satisfying meal indeed! I love the tomato the most out of all the items on that plate, it was so simple and yet so delicious!

 This was my lazy lunch/dinner meal for today lol! Pot pies using canned chicken soup as the base and throwing in some onions, capsicums, carrots,  chicken and sausages as the filling.  I mashed up some potatoes and added that on top of the filling and then cover with a piece of frozen phyllo pastry sheet, sprinkled some cheese, garnish with dried oregano, then baked for 10 minutes and voila! lunch and later, dinner was served:D Piping hot and delicious and quick too!
I baked this stone fruit cake using plums that taste so bland nobody wanted to eat them! At least it makes my plain  buttercake looks less plain lol!
 Last but no least, since today is World Bread Day, I made this Sweet Potato Bread and managed to use up my left over custard filling from my previous bake:D I simply roll the dough out into a sort of rectangle and spread on the custard before rolling up and sealing it tightly and then baked till golden brown.
 It was delicious! The boy ate a piece spread with nutella:) I took a photo first before he spread on otherwise the bread wont be pretty anymore!

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