Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival

Another mid autumn festival is upon us....sigh! how fast time has passed us by...or was it just for me? I would like to think that most of us felt it:D Anyway, this post is just to wish every one who celebrates this festival, Happy Mid Autumn Festival and may you all have a very enjoyable time of reunion with family:) This year I didn't make much mooncakes to celebrate,  I guess this festival won't be the same without the mooncakes, so just making one type to mark the occasion. 
Lanterns galore in one of the shopping malls

These days, mooncakes are sold in beautiful packaging to attract customers, the photo above showed mooncakes packaged in LV! I wonder what they will come up with next year.
 Spiral mooncakes with pandan lotus paste, I added some green tea powder to the oil dough.
These are yummy and easy to make too:)

I can hear the neighbour's children having fun with their lanterns as I type this post!


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