Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lao Gang Restaurant, Puchong

During the last day of a long holiday, we went to this restaurant to have dinner using Everyday deal vouchers bought earlier.  Reservations is required and just as well as we can see others who went without making one standing and waiting for a free table. Oh yes, if you are using the vouchers, they do not accept credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash with you:P
 Ambience is pleasant enough, with huge rustic black and white pictures decorating the walls. We do have to wait about 30 minutes before the first dish arrived, after that, it's one dish after another, served back to more waiting:)
First out was this 4 vegetables dish cooked different from the usual fare...tnot spicy like the usual fare but still very flavorful..
 I liked this fish too, fried till crispy and served with sweet and sour sauce poured over it.
 These pork ribs were cooked with beer,  not our favorite because it has a slightly bitter taste. Must be dued to too much beer.
 Everybody loved this Thai style chicken dish...sweet and tangy and spicy all blended nicely together and so appetitisng!
This mantis prawns dish was fried in batter and then coated with a thick tangy sauce with lots of fresh cucumbers and lectuce...very nice!

We had steamed clams (lala) but in my haste to taste it, I promptly forgot to take a photo of it! All in all, a very satisfying meal, service was good, only the location is too far from where I live! Price wise, I would say reasonable, for six dishes (all medium size serving except for the vegetable which was large) the bill came up to RM120.00 (about USD40) after deducting the vouchers.

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