Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tang Ping Kitchen, Klang

This is another one of the Deals that I have purchased which I think are worth trying out.  The reason I like this deal is because we get to choose from the several branches of this chain of restaurants thus making it quite convenient.  Furthermore,  one is not required to make a reservation before we can enjoy the deal.  

We naturally chose the one nearest to us and we went on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd.  They did not disappoint.  There were ample parking, and the restaurant was quite empty.  The service was good and the food came super fast! :D I would certainly buy this this deal again should they decide to bring it back due to popular demand!

The interior of the set have a choice of dining in the comfort of air conditioning or alfresco... it was drizzling the day we went, so sat inside

Iced lemon tea served in a huge jar!

Soyabean milk with herbal jelly cubes, this was yummy!

Double boiled winter melon soup, this was refreshing and delicious!

The signature dish, Tang Pin Mee Pok...I like this, hot and spicy with lots of minced meat and generous amount of fried pork lard

Mini dumpling is in fact fried wanton with fish paste as the filling....simple and delicious too!

This curry noodles looked mean but tastewise, a bit too sweet for me.

Golden Homeland Noodle, served with a half boiled egg and 3 generous pieces of fish cake and a large helping of minced meat and fried lard...looks good huh? 

The front dish is pot sticklers with black vinegar and the back plate is the fishcake set, really fresh and delicious! The pot sticklers was so good we ordered another plate!

This dish is very unique, Fuchuk skin roll .... fish paste wrapped in soyabean sheet and wrapped again with chu cheong fun and served with a tangy and sweet sauce over it...nicely presented on an oblong plate:)

Fried fish noodles, the noodles used here is transparent noodles and served with fried fish cake and fish paste noodles topped with minced meat and fried pork lard...quite good, I like it 'coz this has less oil than the dry version.

Handmade fish ball, springy and fresh, no boric acid added:D

We had this last plate of Fried Handmade fish noodles.....fried with lots of preserved radish and beansprouts and chili flakes... So good! 
This is definitely one deal worth buying! No restrictions on the coupons, just walk in, place your orders and pay with the coupons. If you overspend, you pay full price for the extra at no discount, so make sure you buy enough coupons!

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