Saturday, August 13, 2011

La Bodega

Recently, I had the opportunity to dine alfresco at this great place in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate a special ocassion.  It serves great tapas and the ambient were pretty good if you happened to be there on a cool evening i.e. 

 The restaurant was already busy when we reached there even though it was still early.

Fried Goat's cheese served drizzled with of my favorite tapas!  Crispy on the outside and soft cheese inside with a touch of sweetness from the good!

Chicken sausage in tomato sauce...very flavorful and great for dipping the generous amount of sliced baguette that comes with the meal

Another favorite of mine, lamb cutlet grilled to perfection! No hint of the strong lamb smell, so delicious!

Generous amount of prawns cooked in tomato sauce, would be my favorite if the prawns were really fresh, these were not as fresh as I would have liked, but still devoured:P

This last tapas dish was button mushrooms swimming (literally!) in butter and olive oil...great dips for the baguette again....delicious!

The main course, the most delicious seafood paella that I had tasted...look at the generous amount of seafood! 

After mixing up the seafood with the risotto, we tucked in but can't do justice to it as we were too stuffed with tapas lol! 
But there's still room for dessert which was in the form of Volcano chocolate cake aka lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream...every mouthful tasted so heavenly! :D

Lastly, a great cup of esspresso to wrap up a most satisfying dinner....burp!:)

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