Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip to Singapore..killing 2 birds and all!

Last weekend, we attended a wedding in Singapore and thought it a good idea to visit Universal Studio since we were already there.  The wedding went smoothly, the bride looked gorgeous as any bride would on her special day and of course, we enjoyed the food Singapore has to offer! As much as we can:D Below are some of the photos that I had managed to take of the time we spent there....hope you enjoyed it:)

The gorgeous couple with their entourage:)
Yummy fruit tart 
Camera shy dog
Traditional Tea Ceremony

Bored to death? 

Buffet lunch! Time to fill the tummy! :D Mutton Curry? or was it beef?
 Definitely chicken!
 And fish :)

 Condiments for noodles soup

The Wedding Cake, pretty!
The proud grandma
The Menu

 Ended with a yummy dessert:)

 Welcome drink at Festive Hotel, Sentosa Island

Smiling at last!
Dream on!
Anyone wants a ride? Not me:P


Back to playtime!

Favorite store!:D

Awesome 4D show!

 Dinner at Palio, Italian Restaurant

Ended with tiramisu:)
Up,up, and away....back home again:P

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