Saturday, July 2, 2011

Muah Chee vs Mocchi...and macarons

I really do think this muah chee tastes like the Japanese mocchi but with the filling outside instead of wrapped in the mochi dough. Got the cravings for this very old favorite dessert when I saw Ann and Biren posting their most delicious looking muah chee in their blogs, and as I have everything I need to make it, I set about putting everything together and it only took me about an hour to prepare this delicious muah chee:)

The muah chee after it is cooled, used a plastic knife to cut into bite sizes..
And then roll generously with crushed peanuts/sugar mixture,  I used almond bits instead.

Tuck in! It's very chewy and soft, just like mocchi!

Right, after that crumptious muah chee, I had a craving for some macarons, so I made some too!
 Too pink?

Not so after baking...I paired these pretty macarons with cream cheese good!

Have a great weekend everyone:D

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