Sunday, June 5, 2011


That's the name of a classy Japanese Restaurant located in Shangrila Hotel....first time there and I was completely enchanted by the good food being served there! So fresh and the portions were very generous! A totally unforgetable dining experience! Great ambience too..
The open kitchen concept where you can sit back and watch the chefs prepare your food

The sashimi was served in a very big bowl of crushed ice. So smooth and melt in the mouth deliciousness! 

Look at the cuts of the sashimi...huge chunks instead of slices...nicely presented too:)

This is Aji Yasai Soup, which was fish balls cooked in mixed vegetables, including leeks and straw mushrooms. Refreshing and light, healthy soup.

These is the very delicious Tempura Moriwas, mixed seafood and vegetables tempura to be exact. Very fresh and served piping hot! yum!

And this is called Gindara Kousou Mus, translated to steamed cod fish in vinegar sauce..took a while to cook this but worth the wait, perfectly steamed and garnished with loads of thinly sliced leeks...very delicious to eat with garlic fried rice:) Oh, forgot to take a photo of the rice:P

After such a huge meal, it's only sensible to burn off some of the calories huh! Walked to the foot of KL Tower and  took some photos...quite beautiful when it's all lit up.

Would like to share these unusual bananas plants, the flowers and fruits grow up instead of pointing down!


Last but not least, would like to wish those who celebrates, Happy Gongzi Festival or Happy Dumplings Festival:D Don't eat too many, may cause indigestion:P

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