Friday, June 3, 2011

Deals bought online - the new craze in town?

Recently, there seems to be a surge in the popularity of buying group deals online.  The offers are usually with hugh discounts which are too good to pass up! Well, I decided to check out one deal recently.  Bought 4 certificates for a dinner at Papillon (Solaris Dutamas) at 60% off Daily Themed Unlimited Ala-Carte Buffet + Free Flow of Drinks.  Sounds good huh? Well it was! No joke, you can order anything on the special menu given for this deal!

It was a blessing in disguise that the weekend were all full so we were there on a weekday which was quiet and thus, service was fast as there was only another table occupied when we arrived. However, during the later part of the evening when more dinners arrived, that's another story! We had to wait for some time before our next order arrived and could see that they were quite short handed.  Refills for drinks were slow and only upon request, otherwise the waiters turned a blind eye to your empty glasses! And we had to keep asking them to take away the fries for every order even though we had specifically given instructions to omit the fries! I guessed they reckoned if we fill up on fries then we'll eat less of the main course huh? Great idea, but we were smarter:D Here's some photos to drool over..
A section of the interior from where we sat
Photographs of celebraties lining part of the wall
Thursday's theme :)

Mushroom soup, quite tasty if not a bit bland...pass the salt please!

Carrot and Orange Soup, but can't taste the orange! Was recommended by the waiter but I preferred the mushroom really!
 The third choice of soup was not available! hmmm...
The grill fish, the best of the 3 main courses, too much fries, hence the need to request for the fries to be omitted on the next order:D

The chicken an "ok-laa" from the boy who had this:P

 The final main course on offer, the lamb shoulder..
Oh, the menu said choice of sauces but there were none, the sauce was already on the meat when served...speechless!

As for dessert, the fruits were missing too! and the ice-cream came in the tinest glass I'd ever set my eyes on! One tiny spoonful and it's gone! Not worth my taking a photo of it!  Want more, order again, if you have the patience to wait for a waiter to serve you i.e. For that price, I guess I can't complain huh!
So, is the deal on for you? :D

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