Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christchurch, still beautiful.....

....despite being hit by the recent earthquake that crippled businesses and costing some 180 people their lives and thousands, their homes. More people are going to loose their jobs and the guide informed that a major insurance company is on the verge of bankruptcy because of the September quake and now this big one in February. The casino is also laying off their employees and tourists are avoiding this beautiful city. Our guide is hit with a double whammy as 70% of his customers are from Japan! Hope our visit helped him some! The city centre may not be accessible but there are other parts of Christchuch that are still beautiful.  It is still worth a visit, as you could see from some of the many photos that I had taken during my visit there.

Ahhh...finally we saw the beautiful alps as we flew over the south island of New Zealand for landing...

....and rest in the motel to recover from the 11 hours of sitting in the airbus...bliss! By the way, our original hotel in the city centre was no longer available due to the quake so we had to settle for this place as a replacement, which was not too bad too. It came with a small kitchenette, a small living area and an extra single bed.
Lyttleton Harbour, the centre of the recent earthquake..we were unable to drive around the hill due to landslides..
Imperial Hotel in Lyttleton, with its facade supported by iron beams
Parts of the road being condoned off for safety reasons
The main street of Lyttleton badly damaged.

Our first trip is to the beautiful French Village of Akaroa...stopped at Little River, the Hilltop Cafe for a coffee break and also to take in the scenic view..that's my friend:D

View from the cafe deck facing the harbour

Hot chocolate to warm up our cold bodies:P
Isn't it beautiful?
Sheep grazing on the rolling green hills

The harbour cruise was cancelled due to choppy waters unfortunately..
Seagulls resting on the pier at Akaroa
Quaint looking building is the public library
Our lunch, fresh, hot and delicious, eaten under the sun with the beach for a perfect is that?
Spotted some grape vines on the way to the Giant's House

The Giant's House poster...oh, the owner of this house will be visiting Malaysia soon, she told us:D Hope she'll enjoys her trip as much as we did.
You can find many giant statues made from coloured glass at the house

A view from the top

Lemon trees are planted around the garden


Fat leeks growing in the garden

Rhubarbs too!

And pumpkins!
And parsley...I'd never seen parsley in the garden before, now I did!:)
Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!
 Puppets made from recycled materials also at the Giant's House

Lake Tekapo ~ blue skies and everything nice! :D
Lake Tekapo ~ picture perfect!
 The sheep dog monument at Lake Tekapo
 Church sitting on top of a hill at Lake Tekapo

Tea time then head on to Mt Cook!

 Mt Cook is the one furthest away in the centre of the photo

Beautiful Lupin weeds at Mt Cook

Craig, our guide, cooking delicious tomato soup for lunch:D

View from hiking at Sumner coastal area near Scarborough Beach

Next, walking in Hagley Botanical Garden...autumn colours on trees, amazingly beautiful!
A pair of local ducks resting by the Avon River

Mexican dahlias at the garden, aren't they gorgeous! 

Rose garden too!

And these look like lychee to me but they are not edible unfortunately!

The Avon River, flowing majestically through the city
And lastly, let's have a cup of chai tea before boarding for the long trip home:)

That's all folks! Hope this post will inspires you to visit Christchurch for your next holiday!:D Whoa...I am beginning to sound like an advertisement! lol!


  1. lovely lovely writeup! the hills and lakes are so serene and beautiful and I think you captured those magical moments perfectly.

  2. I'm really surprised that you went ahead with your holiday post the quake, not that there's any more danger just thought the reconstruction would be dreary for tourists but kudos to you for giving their economy a little lift :) Christchurch is still as beautiful as ever! I hope I can ski there next season :)

  3. While vastly different, I was appreciative of those who visited NYC directly after 9/11 and how grand of you to go ahead and visit this marvelous city even with so much cordoned off. The serneity and beauty remains and you captured that perfectly.

  4. I have always wanted to go to New Zeland...It looks so beautiful there.

  5. I've heard New Zealand it's breath taking but my goodness! It's incredible. Thanks so much for sharing, I hope I get to be able to view this scenery for myself one day. =]

  6. Envy ..... :) If I ever going to visit this place one day, look really pretty.

  7. Great great pictures...I enjoyed every one of them...thank you! Hope to visit NZ one day...soon :-)

  8. Very nice photos. Glad that Christchurch has recovered well after the sad earthquake. Sad that Japan is not as lucky... Seeing your photos make me feel like flying to NZ again.

  9. I really liked your writeup and photos too - glad that you went ahead with your plans since what Christchurch needs now is a boost for their economy!

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos - we loved Christchurch when we visited 10 years ago.

  11. lovely photos! Can imaging how relaxing and wonderful the trip was! Make me want to go NZ :)

  12. Looks like you're enjoying your holiday in Christchurch. I've been there many years ago, the picture of the church on the hill is a reminder. Lovely pics you've posted. Take care!

  13. Oh wow, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures... I am sick with envy!
    Robyn xxx

  14. I think NZ is a great place to visit, beautiful and calm and to stay away from the very busy and noisy traffic here!

  15. What a beautiful part of the world. Your photos are wonderful and really give us a sense of the place. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. Wow, your photos are so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Just like your title said : Christchurch, still beautiful. I hope you enjoy your trip and expect your new post. :)

  17. Those photos with blue sky are simply breathtaking! Yes, the city is still very beautiful!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  18. Hi Jeannie, wow! Fantastic pics! Really breathtaking scenes.
    One country I have yet to visit, maybe one day.
    Have a sister in Auckland, have not seen her 15 years too.
    You're a very creative photographer, Jeannie.
    Have fun and keep well.

  19. It's still heartbreaking to hear about the quake again but it's heartwarming to read about it that it is still beautiful and the progress about the rebuilding. Great post.

  20. so lovely to see those photos of chch!! brought back much memories of childhood! we used to go to akaroa all the time back then...that pic of the rolling green hills is making my heart sing hahah.

  21. Absolutely beautiful photos, I really hope to visit NZ oneday :)

  22. Beautiful photos! Would love to have the lemon tree in my yard!

  23. Jeannie, NZ is a very very beautiful place. I was there many many years ago. I went to Whakapapa ski mountain. The sunset & sunrise view is absolutely breathtaking. The scene between the blue sea, white cloud and green mountain is totally unbelieveable. And fruits picking even more fun. I climbed up the plum tree. haha...Thanks for bringing me back there again. Looking forward for more pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

  24. So beautiful photos. I hadn't realized how much damage that earthquake caused to this country! I am sure you had a lovely time there!

  25. What gorgeous photos...truly lovely post! I enjoyed looking at all the pretty pictures!


  26. Heartbreaking. I love Lyttleton! Was there a decade ago and i fell in love with that little town immediately.

    Nevertheless, looks like you have a wonderful time!


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