Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner at the Waterlily Bistro, Mutiara Tropicana

So it's Friday night and another week has passed, well, almost, it's 10.55pm so there's still one hour more was your past week? Enjoyable? Hectic? or just plain old routine? Hmmm I would say mine was hectic at work but fortunately I get to relax once work is over...and I got invited to go for dinner at this bistro at the end of the week so I would say, my week ended on a happy note:) Someone said he had always wanted to try it ever since it first started operating.  I, of course, was only too happy to tag along for a treat:D It serves basically Balinese food with a bit of fusion with western food.
We had this refreshing cold drink, the main ingredients were lemon grass, mint and lime.  Crushed mint leaves and some slices of lime were thrown into the drink...too many leaves if you ask me, got in the way when you drink it, otherwise, I enjoyed it.

This is an appetiser called Sup Buntut which in fact is not the butt of the ox but it's tail.  There are pieces of nasi impit (compressed rice cubes) and fresh tomato wedges floating in the very flavourful soup. Quite delicious and very aromatic. Some fried shallots and chinese celery were given on the side and you mix them into the soup, give it a squeeze of lime before dunking that piece of toast into the soup...yum!
This was my choice for the main meal...linguine served with an assortment of grilled seafood that includes cuttlefish, prawns and fish...not sure what was the sauce made of,  tasted like bolognese and yet not so..the seafood was a joy to eat but I didn't enjoy the pasta...maybe I was too full already by the time I got to it:P The portion was huge to say the least!
My partner in crime had this Nasi Campur (Mixed rice). Again, the portion was too big! There was a bowl of rice with a dollop of sambal on the top, some kangkung (watercress), a generous portion of beef rendang, fish, cuttlefish and two prawns. On top of that there was a stick of satay lilit (chicken satay) and a small place of salad with a very mean chilli sauce as dip. Oh, not forgetting that piece of crispy cracker to munch on...I think he enjoyed it more than I did mine and you can see why! Even the photo looks better than mine choice, doesn't it?

Below are some of the simple meals that we had at home during the past week.  Nothing can be easier than cooking pasta when you are in a hurry to eat! This plate of Angelhair spagetti was rustled up pretty quickly! I was still on the threadmill when Ken said dinner was ready!
Angel hair pasta served with lightly blanched and buttered asparagus and bacon bits..I think this pasta tasted much more delicious than what was served at the bistro!
This was pork balls bolognese with bow can tell how much we like pasta:)
A favourite of mine, potato and pumpkin gratin....delicious!
Used the leftover pumpkin to bake this very moist pumpkin buttercake.

A yummy week!:D happy weekend folks!


  1. Jeannie, once again you make my stomach rumbles by looking at your photos. Delicious!

  2. sup buntut?? that's a very funny name! so it's oxtail soup? But all the food up there look really delicious, Ipoh doesnt have these kind of food, lack of cuisine type restaurants!

  3. I was on spring break from my work at an elementary school, which was nice. The only problem is we are a destination spot for many tourists so our "season" is in full swing. That means the roads are packed with traffic, and you have to watch out...cuz they don't know where they're going. :D The stores and restaurants are full too. We usually will venture out again at the end of April when it's back to normal!

    That is a lot of food there, and it all looks so good. You sure ate well this week. I would love the recipe for your potato and pumpkin gratin! and pumpkin butter cake...yum!

    Have a great weekend Jeannie!!

  4. Wow, such a feast! That pumpkin butter cake looks gorgeously moist!

  5. Photos no.3 and 4 especially make me feel so hungry...!! I am totally drooling!

  6. I do agree with Lena that this is what Ipoh lacks ..... cuisine type restaurants. And I do envy you when your son can whip up dinner for the family .......

  7. your own cooking photos look more delicious than the restaurant ones! hehe the bowtie pasta looks fantastic!

  8. Your pasta at home certainly sounds better!

  9. What a lovely dinner! I would love to try that lemongrass drink. Exotic and refreshing!

  10. All the food looks nice but don't look as delicious as those you cooked.

  11. I don't get out enough! This was a banquet - and even when a dish or two is not up to par - it's always fun to be served.

  12. Wow, everything looks delicious, Jeannie. I think my first choice would be the linguine with seafood. Your photos make my mouth water.

  13. yea, another week over and a new starts!
    you sure do love pasta! i love angel hair coz they look so quickly! never thought about adding pumpkin to gratin before...good idea! have a lovely week ahead girl!


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