Sunday, December 26, 2010


This Christmas holiday, I have decided to bake an alcohol based fruitcake for the first time.  The previous fruitcakes that I have baked were all non-alcohol.  After browsing through the bloggers' post on this cake, I decided to use this recipe from My Kitchen Snippet as it is simple and many bloggers are using it too.  The only difference is I added some mixed peels. This is the end result..
Cooled and ready to be cut

I quartered it and brush lots of rum over the cake before wrapping up in foil to allow it to mature..

After a week, I sliced up a piece to test...the texture is crumbly and dry but very flavourful. So I drizzled more rum on the rest of the quarters and allow them to sit for another week...Meantime, Wendy from Table for 2 or more or more posted her version which do not have baking powder in it and that got me curious... so I embarked on another fruitcake mission using her recipe....crazy huh! Well, happy to say, the texture turned out very good...
Cooling on the rack...I just brush the cake with some rum and allow it to rest.

and sliced up the next day...see the difference in texture? Both cakes are very flavourful and I can't decide which one is better lol!

Fortunately they keep well so I'll be saving some for lunch the rest of the week and give some away.


  1. These slices look so yummy...and colorful. I love it! I hope you and your family had a bright and joyful Christmas. I’m thankful that I found you and your blog…your recipes, words and sweet comments bring me so much joy. Many blessings!

  2. Wow, looks really festive! I didn't make any fruit cake this year. Can FedEX some over? hehe... :o) Happy Holiday to you. Hope you're having a terrific time.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. Love the fruitcake!

    Ever year my friend Tom (yes, that Tom) gives me one. His instructions: Keep it wrapped in cheesecloth, stored in the fridge. Every month or so pour a little more alcohol over it (rum, bourbon, whatever he used in the recipe). A year later we unwrap the thing and have at it.


  4. @Money...I am definitely enjoying my holiday Monet, hope you are too and I hope baby Ryan is getting lots of attention too:)

    @Kristy...I know you can make better cakes and can cook so much better so I am not going to send any lol!

    Hey MrMeatball...that's a great idea! Care to elaborate abit? Do you remove the cheesecloth before you pour the alcohol over it and then rewrap?

  5. This looks very colorful. All these fruits in this cake must have given it a great flavor.

  6. So festive - yes, I'll take both. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier fruitcake.

  7. Ya ya ya!!!You and Kristy are both great in baking and cooking,thus you really need not to send to Kristy, so may i have some courier over to me,please? I also baked a fruitcake last week,but really turn out not so pretty like yours.

  8. Nope, I keep the whole thing wrapped in foil and then keep that in a plastic bag. When it's time to add the alcohol just pull back the foil and lightly pour a little (bourbon this year) right over the cheesecloth. In other words, once the cake is wrapped in cheesecloth it stays wrapped in it until you're ready to eat it. That make sense?

  9. @Katerina....THanks! Hope your Christmas was good:)

    @Claudia...THanks! Hope you had a terrific Christmas:D

    @Wai Kitt...You didn't post your fruitcake yet, would love to see it:)

    @MrMeatball...Gotcha...first wrap in cheesecloth, pour alcohol on it then wrap in foil and then plastic more question, do you put in the fridge? Thanks in advance!

  10. So very fruity and festive! I wish a few slices of them for the tea.

  11. I'll have a slice of both. I really enjoy fruitcake at this time of year. I find its colors very appealing. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the holiday. Blessings...Mary

  12. Yes to the fridge.

    And every other month is fine, too. Sometimes I forget and only do it three or four times a year, and no problem. All you're trying to do is keep it moist.

    Which reminds me, Tom will be here tomorrow for annual New Year's week visit. I'd better go and attend to his fruitcake!

  13. Thanks MrMeatball, you are very helpful:D

  14. Oooh...I love that. I love the dense one. I would have poured the whole bottle of rum over it...then eat and get drunk...haha...but fully satisfied :D

  15. They both look awesome, yet look so different! I think I would like the dense one too.

    So the first one has to set for 2 weeks before you can eat it? The second one you can eat right away? Just wondering, I have never made fruitcake, but with the peels it sounds really good (and the booze)! :D

  16. Lyndsey you can keep for years if you keep bathing it with alcohol, so I've been told. The second one I ate the next day and it was delicious, but if you want to wait, you can too but bath with alcohol:)

  17. These both look insanely good! My Dad and I both love fruitcake but I didn't make any this year. Never tried one with alcohol before - have to remember this for next year!

  18. the cake looks delicious and very beautiful! Like all the fruits and the peels in it. Lovely to have dropped to your wonderful space.
    Happy 2011 to you!

  19. Thanks Reeni and happy new year to you and your dad.

    THanks for visiting Sanjeeta and Happy New Year to you too:)

  20. Oooh, fruitcake.I normally don't really like it but this year my Mum in law made a really good one (of course I begged for the recipe), and now I can't wait to try it out, maybe can't even wait for next Christmas :) So I can totally understand why you made TWo of them, ha ha!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful start to 2011!


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