Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mustard Honey Lamb Chops

Today, my eldest son had decided to demostrate his "skill" in cooking these lamb chops for our dinner. We were rather skeptical as he is not known to be a patient man and usually did short cuts when it comes to food preparation. Therefore, we were surprised when he said he's going to cook us this dish from scratch, from the sauce preparation and presenting it on a plate for photography!
Marinated with a combination of blended onions, mustard sauce, worcestershire sauce, honey,  black pepper and salt...

Ahh! Nicely roasted for 45 minutes, and resting before cutting into sections for serving.

Cut into sections, plate and serve with buttered mashed potatoes, or if you prefer, some brocolli florets and carrots sticks. Have some crusty bread on the side to mop up the delicious sauce, which was just a simple homemade brown stock seasoned with black pepper.

Simple but really good I must say...meat's tender and not over cooked...would be perfect with a glass of red wine, but of course we can't have the boys drinking wine, can we? So we compromise by having a glass of ginseng root tea on the side, hehe~
Hope every one of you is having a wonderful weekend, cooking up a storm:D


  1. Wow, very impressive, you must of rubbed off on him well! It looks very tasty! I like how he even french cut the chops! Nice job!

  2. My son favorite lamb, this look very precious Jeannie. I love the mustard and honey for this lamb. It's perfect. And, I am very impress that your son also like to cook, it's a good thing :). How old is he?

  3. That boy of yours can cook at my house anytime he wants.

    Well, okay, maybe not ANY time. I do have to stay in practice, after all.

    Nice job.

  4. What is your son cooking next? Ever thinking of giving him the pots and pans and calling it a day? Wow - nicely and deliciously done.

  5. I love using mustard too for my roasts. Yours looks delish...!!

  6. What a lovely meal! Your cooking skills must have rubbed off. And I'm always a big fan of honey mustard marinades. I've just been thinking about how badly I'd like to dip a soft pretzel in some honey mustard. Thanks for sharing your son's creation!

  7. @Lyndsey...I am sure he'll be very happy with your comment when he sees it:P

    @erla...thanks:D He'll be 21 soon so he should be able to cook huh?

    @jelena...thanks jelena:D

    @MrMeatball...He'll be happy to let you do the cooking; he only cooks when he has to or when he wants to show off:P

    @Claudia...I am dreaming of the day when I can hang up my apron!

    @Cooking Gallery...I can't take credit for this dish, my son cook it and I agreed the mustard sauce is delicious!

    @Monet...My son is taking up culinary studies so he does inherit my passion for cooking:D Dipping pretzel in honey mustard sounds like fun!

  8. Gosh, you meant your son made this???? omg...shame on me...I never have guts to try making such a sophisticated roast!
    Two thumbs up for your son!

  9. Wow, your son looks like quite the cook! They're cooked to perfection and presented so nicely!

  10. Wo...Jeannie, your son is an upcoming star chef! That's very impressive and looks very delicious. You are a very lucky mom!

  11. what a delicious looking lamb dish. You are a very very lucky mom!

  12. @Angie....Thanks! Now you've made his head grew a little bit bigger lol!

    @Faith...Thanks Faith, the taste is really delicious too:D

    @MaryMoh...This guy is just an apprentice at the moment and we are his guinea pigs!

    @Ellie...Thanks Ellie:D We were lucky this dish turned out well lol!

    Thanks for visiting ladies, hope you have a beautiful day!

  13. When I want a very special dinner I usually choose lamb chops. And you've cooked them perfectly Jeannie. Your honey-mustard combination looks heavenly.

  14. Oh boy that lamb sounds so delicious. You're very lucky, I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to cook for me :)

  15. Wow! Great lamb chops! A big thumb up to your son! How i wish my son could cook for me too when he is grown up.

  16. @Cathy...Thanks Cathy, I hv to give the credit to my son, though lol!

    @Shaz...Enjoy them being little while you still can Shaz:D Will be very different when they are grown, trust me on this:P

    @Wai Kitt...Thanks! Your children still very young, you have a very long wait :P Meantime, enjoy cooking for them :D

  17. Wow, how amazing! Big Congrats to your son for this beautiful meal :) (It's nice to get them started early! :))

  18. Hy Jeannie...thanx for dropping by...!
    Awesome space you have...lovely posts with wonderful write up...

    Am your happy follower now..:)
    Keep visiting...

    Tasty Appetite

  19. Your son did a terrific job - great looking lamb chops!

  20. Wow.... great recipe and photo.

  21. Lovely, Delicious recipes!!

    Its tastes good and also very good for health because they are low fat recipes.

  22. Hi Jeannie

    What a lovely dish! How lucky you are, your boy can cook. May I know where can I get the lamb chops? I am from Klang too.

  23. @Jude...he's only cooking it because he needs to practise for his exam lol!


    @Natasha...Thanks! He peeped into my blog and was very proud with himself:P



    @Katherine...I didn't buy the chops from Klang. My son bought it so I have to ask him where he got it. Sorry can't be of help.

  24. Gosh, a chef in the making! Lucky you!


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