Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend getaway... Golden Palm Tree Sepang Gold Coast to be precised...just an overnite trip with the boys and my sister and her family....a lovely new place...too new in fact, it's barely completed and they are still putting in the finishing touches to some areas. Great place for honeymooners and people who wish to have some quiet time on their own...

Our first view of the resort on the way in
A lovely fountain for the roundabout leading to the resort

4 beautiful fountains lining the road to the entrance...
the resort is in the shape of a palm tree with chalets built on stilts

The lane leading up to our appointed chalet...there is a buggy to take you there if you do not wish to walk.

The very romantic bed with mosquitoes netting hanging from the attap roof!

part of the bathroom in the master-room..

The study room with sofabed

The 2nd room in the chalet with 2 very comfortable single beds

The seamless pool with the water flowing down as if into the sea...

pretty desserts standing in attention, waiting to be eaten :P

Spotted this beautiful plant while taking a stroll round the resort..

Sunrise in the horizon....

No, this is not part of the offerings by the resort but my own baking lol! Carrot cupcakes  for tommorow's breakfast.


  1. The getaway looks wonderful, and so does breakfast. ;-)

  2. The place looks truly peaceful and beautiful!

  3. Looks like a lovely place for a weekend getaway :)

  4. Your cupcake would fit right in there...just as elegant! I would love to go to a resort like that, it's beautiful. I love the chalets out on stilts. The bed is gorgeous, and the food Yummy!
    The plant that you saw, we call that a Firecracker plant here.

  5. Makes me want to have holiday again! (What am I talking about?? I am still on holiday, but it'll be over soon...:()

  6. @Ree...It is a wonderful place to visit:D

    @Angie & Biren...It's lovely for couples on honeymoon:D the chalets are so romantic especially during the night where you can sit on the balcony and watch the sun set!

    @Lyndsey...Thanks for the information on the firecracker plant:D

    @Cooking Gallery...Now I am envying you because I am back at work!

  7. Wonderful, just wonderful. This is what my husband and I need right now...a place of complete relaxation. Thank you for transporting me!

  8. This place is about 1/2 hour drive from my in-laws' place. Though, never been there before! Ridiculous, right? haha... But it's true! The only place I've been to was Pagan Lalang to buy seafood cause fishing boats arriving there every evening. The price isn't cheap at all but fresh! Thanks for sharing your trip and your cupcake looks as wonderful.
    Have a great day.
    Cheers, kristy

  9. Wow! The place looks so beautiful now as compare to last year I went there during Hari Raya festival.

  10. @Monet...You are welcomed:D time you buy fresh fish, don't forget me ya? lol!

    @hellowaikitt....I didn't know they are already opened last far as I know, it's only recently completed. In fact, there are some areas still under construction.

  11. What a beautiful spot for a holiday. It is relaxing just to look at it. It must have been a fabulous stay. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Nice place, saw the resort on my last visit 2 months ago but didn't stay there.

  13. Wow, a gorgeous and special getaway!

  14. It's just stunning! I love the shot of the sunrise behind the chalets! Great muffins too! ;)

  15. Wow, this place look fabulous...what a lovely and enjoyable getaway...the muffins look so yummie!

  16. Nice place for a getaway! Never heard of this place before. Your cupcakes look nice and tempting, pretty cups too!

  17. Goodness, I could use a little 'Golden Palm Tree' right about now! That flower you photographed grows in our garden (in England) too. Must be quite versatile. I have no idea what it's called but it is very pretty.

  18. Thanks guys for visiting:D Hope you all have a wonderful day/evening:D To all Malaysians, Happy Merdeka Day!


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