Thursday, August 12, 2010

Souled Out in Sri Hartamas

Just got a treat from the boys who insisted on taking me out to this place called Souled Out. According to them, it's cool and the food is good. Quite reluctant to go because it is an hour's drive away and would be late by the time dinner's over. Well, I was not disappointed, the food's good, but as expected, quite on the upscale side.  A nice place to hang out after work if you can afford it. Seeing that it's quite full on a weekday, I would say the place is very happening.
This drink was delicious...can taste mint, lemon grass, lemon and apple juice in it

Hot mint tea for me...refreshing

Hot Chocolate for Eugene

Mussels cook in a spicy tomyam sauce...we all agreed this was the best of all the dishes we ordered, served with slices of crusty bread
This curry noodles also got the approval of all who tasted it, thick creamy gravy, with lots of vegetables, one hard boiled egg, 2 fish balls,  and a huge piece of curried chicken served with pieces of fried beancurd skin and garnished with coriander and shredded carots....simply delicious!

This dish is called Sang Har Meen, literally translated to noodles with fresh prawns... the prawns are freshwater prawns served cantonese fried style....not too bad, I like this too!

Eugene had this plate of Northern Indian Cuisine, Tandoori Chicken in butter gravy, served with naan (indian flat bread) and papadom (chips), vegetables and salad with a sourcream dip...I don't like this as the gravy was sweet! He liked it though, so that's more important huh.

And this was what I had, a claypot full of Japanese Tofu braised in seafood and mixed vegetables...the gravy is very flavorful and this comes with a plate of rice on the side.

And this is a piece of early mooncake with raspberry and blueberry filling...yummy!


  1. everything sound so delicious, and that mint-lemongrass drink sounds superb for hot summer day.

  2. Everything looks wonderfully delicious. You've made me hungry at this early hour of the morning. I hope you are having a great day, Blessings...Mary

  3. good job.. thanks for sharing..
    we have link to our page.. :)

  4. Wow! What a wonderful meal. Everything looks so fresh and creative. I would have a hard time finishing all of this delicious food.

  5. That's a real treat, isn't it! Love that noodles with prawns.
    Berries filled moon cakes look terrific!

  6. Wonderful meal! The mooncake look so delicious!

  7. i want the mooncake! look so delicious!

  8. How wonderful that your boys took you out for a meal. That's a very nice meal. Everything looks very delicious. I love that mooncake...very special. Thanks very much for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Thank you all for visiting....hope you have a beautiful weekend, cheers always!:D

  10. it looks like you had one great night out!! I love that cake!

  11. Aren't we the spoiled thoughtful of the boys. I wouldn't have minded the long drive either...such a great looking and appetizing meal ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  12. @ChefDennis...yeah, that was pretty delicious!

    @Claudia...good to be spoilt once in a while:D

  13. Great! It all looks delicious and now I'm starved. Have a good day!

  14. What a great night out! The food looks really mouthwatering too. Enjoy!
    Cheers, kristy


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