Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sardine Calzone for supper

I have been invited by a fellow blogger, Marty Thyme, to do a simple write up on my favourite canned food recently for a project that she is organising for her work. She's a journalist who writes a monthly cookery column called Don't Call Me Chef with 2 other colleagues for one of our local newspapers, The Star. For the August issue, their theme is cooking with canned food and they are asking fellow bloggers to tell them what is their favourite canned food and what dish they would make with it. Well, the first canned food that comes to mind is sardines.  I always have a couple of tins in my kitchen for those days when I am too lazy to rustle up a meal from scratch. Sometimes, on weekends, I will bake this easy to do Sardine Calzone using our local frozen roti prata (indian flat bread), for breakfast. The boys gave their thumbs up for this.

Here's what I do...


1 large can of sardine
1 small onion, diced
2 table spoon oil
1 tablespoon  fish curry powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 pieces of roti prata

First, prepare the filling by heating up the oil in a wok and fry the onions until tender.  Add the sardines, meshing up into small pieces with the ladle.  Add the curry powder and salt and stir frying until almost dry.
Dish out and cool.

Frying the onions

Stir fry till almost dry

Cool the sardine before using

Next you take a piece of the roti prata (keep this in the freezer until it's time to assemble your calzone) and place about 3 tablespoons of the cooled sardine into the middle of the roti, fold up and using a fork, seal the edges. Make sure you press down firmly to seal, otherwise when the roti puffed up, it will leak. Transfer the completed calzone on a baking tray and bake for 20 mins at 200 deg C or until golden brown.



  1. Fun idea, fast food Malaysian style, he he :) I like sardine curry, yum.

  2. This sounds very interesting. I would have never thought of such a dish. I'll wager it is delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Jeannie, this sardine filled pastry looks so yummie...would love to try it!

  4. Really smart way to use paratha to wrap sardines. This must be very delicious. Now I miss roti canai :(

  5. Hi Jeannie, thanks for participating in our challenge. Your calzone proves that the best dishes are always the simplest ones. Great job!

  6. How innovative! Love the idea of using sardine curry as a calzone filling!

  7. @shaz...totally agreed with you:D

    @Mary...It was very delicious!

    @Juliana...The pastry was in fact frozen indian flat bread easily available here but I guess you can make this with frozen pastry puff too.

    @MaryMoh...I wouldn't be surprised if one day I see you blogging about your own roti canai making experience, you are very creative:D

    @Marty..Thanks for the invite to participate. It was very enjoyable:D

    @Angie.....Thanks Angie:D

  8. very interesting combination...never would have thought to put sardines in a calcone....made them with tuna but I don't think we have a good enough quality of the fish to try this...great looking dish

  9. I have to look for this frozen roti prata here, I probably able to find it at the Indian store. I always have canned sardine in my pantry as well.I really like your puff idea :)

  10. This sounds so good! I have some roti pratha in the freezer. I think I'll give this a try. It looks so simple yet full of flavor!

  11. I don't care for sardines by themselves but I think I would love them in these calzones. :)

  12. Roti prata is new to me. It looks similiar to puff pastry but I think I might be able to find it in an Indian specialty shop. These look and sound soooo good! I haven't visited in a while (I also haven't blogged either in a long time), but some of the recipes that you posted are mouth watering. I found myself drooling when I was scrolling along. :-) Heading to Canada tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing my parents. It's been crazy here with travelling and visits, so I'm looking forward to a little bit of quiet time (I hope hehehe).

  13. @jelena....Tuna should be good too if you add some onions or other ingredients to make it more flavourful first perhaps.

    @erla...thanks erla:D boys love it, I am sure your children will too and it's so easy to prepare.

    @Kim...I am not a fish eating kind of person too but with the added curry powder, it's delicious!

    @Rosabela...I so envy you for getting to travel to so many must be enjoying yourself despite the hectic schedule. Hope to see more of your posts in your blog:)

  14. Jeannie, these few days the site is running slow. Tried to enter to your site for so many times! Finally! Wow, well done! Your calzone looks fantastic. I normally made with pizza dough with creamy chicken & mushroom filling.


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