Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka day cooking...

First of all would like to wish all Malaysians a very Happy Independence Day! It's a holiday here and that means plenty of cooking for the family...besides the tons of washing and tidying up the house of course. Here are some of the day's meals.....pretty fusion I would say...
Start the lunch off with Nasi Lemak, which is basically rice cooked in coconut milk with some other condiments
Paired with Curried Chicken with potatoes..
Polish off the curry gravy with some Sweet Potatoes Rolls for those who are still hungry...
Next comes dinner...the boys' favorite, what else, but a pizza! The above is the dough all ready for some of their favorite toppings..some herbs were added to the dough this time.

Ken prepared this pizza sauce for the base, he insist home made is best...well, as long as it's not me cooking it, I am fine with it hehe!

Into the oven it went...oh just noticed he forgot the pineapples!

Pineapples or no, it's gone soon enough! Yum! Pizza prepared from scratch! How's that? :D
Great team work, I prepared the dough, Ken prepared the toppings, the rest help with the eating and washing up the dirty dishes:P Pretty fair work no?


  1. What a fantastic day to celebrate the independence day. Selamat Merdeka for Malaysia!

  2. A terrific celebration meal! Happy independence day!

  3. Happy Merdeka Day to you too! haha... I made steamed buns today and baked a chicken and cooked some rice. Simple meal! Yours looks so scrumptious. Hope you're enjoying the evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  4. The curry chicken looks super super delicious...!! I love curried food :)!

  5. Happy Independence Day! What a wonderful way to celebrate. I'm all about fusion pizza!

  6. @erla...Thanks so much!


    @Kristy...Sama-sama Kristy:D love your piggy steamed buns!

    @CookingGallery...So do I though I tried not to eat too much!

    @Monet...I love fusion food too:D Thanks!

  7. Happy Independence Day!
    Your curry chicken with potatoes makes me HUNGRY!! Nice rice bowls...

  8. wow, so much yummy food! Happy belated merdeka day!

  9. What a delicious meal, Jeannie. I would love to try some of your curried chicken and potatoes. It sounds like you are enjoying a very nice holiday.

  10. @Angie...Thanks!:D


    @Cathy....I get to cook up a storm, so to say:D Other than that, it's pretty quiet.

  11. Happy Independence Day. The food you prepared for the celebration sounds wonderful. I especially love your fusion pizza. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Happy Merdeka Day! We had a Malaysian family BBQ outing. It was lots of food and fun. You have great team work cook such a wonderful meal. I hope my children would cook more but they are not really interested...hmmm

  13. Happy Independence Day! The food is yummy!

  14. Wow, so much food! With so many helping hands, it's good team work and rewarding meals!


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