Saturday, July 3, 2010

Seafood dinner!

Last Thursday,  I went to have dinner with my sister and a friend at this seafood restaurant which is famous for it's vast selections of live seafood from all over the world! You get to choose the seafood from the many aquariums with the seafood on display. Even though it was raining that evening, the place was packed! A good sign...meaning, we are about to partake some very delicious and very fresh seafood :D

Garoupa fillet, steamed with baby lectuce, so fresh! I normally do not like steamed fish, but this was so fresh and sweet! Irresistible! Every single piece was devoured!

4 types of vegatable consisting of 4 angle beans, eggplant, string beans and okra (referred to as 4 heavenly kings) stir fried with dried shrimps, chilli paste and belacan (prawn paste) This was the only vegetable dish we ordered to balance off the meal.

Crabs cooked with salted egg yolk, one of their signature dishes. I forgot to take a photo before eating:P This was what's left when I remembered! Firm succulent flesh....lips smacking, finger licking good!

Tiger prawns cooked two ways, the one on the right, marmite prawns and the left simply steamed....never had so many prawns in a meal....they were very good!

Braised noodles (yee mee) with lobster...another mouth-watering dish but we were too full with prawns, fish and crabs by now to do much justice to I packed this home for the boys and they ate for lunch the next day..... still very tasty they said:D

Part of the seafood selections available at the will be spoilt for choice!
These spider crabs are way too expensive in my opinion! The legs are the best part of the crabs, it seem.
The crabs that we ordered, from Indonesia, not as pricey but still pricey:P

We had these, each a piece, in our tummies before I could take a photo lol! Taste heavenly, steamed in it's shell and garnished with fried shallot and scallion.

The fruits (mangos and pineapples) was on the house and we managed to finish those too! Awesome!

I think this was the best seafood meal I've ever had! We left the restaurant fully satiated and a few kilos heavier!

The location of this restaurant:-
Restaurant Fresh Unique Seafood 23, PJ
Lot 9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603. 7960 2088/2066

Business hours: 11.45am to 2.30pm / 6pm to 10.30pm


  1. That was some great looking seafood! I can't believe how much food was there, no wonder you were full (and heavier) :D

    That was interesting seeing the tanks with the choices that you about getting it fresh!

  2. What an interesting restaurant. Your photos are just wonderful. The shrimp look incredible. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I love fresh seafood. Living in Colorado, we rarely get to eat seafood that has been frozen for weeks...or months! This looks like my kind of restaurant.

  4. Fresh seafood and an interesting restaurant to have it in...what more can we ask for.
    Beautiful shells too ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  5. Yum! This all looks delicious and I just wish we had fresh seafood here. Lucky you!

  6. This look like quite the place! :) I love seafood but rarely eat it because my husband's not a fan. I usually only eat it when I go out. It would be great to have a place like this in town!

  7. is an unforgetable meal:D worth every ounce of extra weight put on lol!

    @Mary....Thanks Mary:D The shrimps did taste very fresh and delicious!

    @Monet...I don't get to eat such fresh seafood every day too, so I enjoyed it very much whenever I get the chance!

    @Claudia...The people watching was fun too!
    Quite popular with tourists!

    @Pam...Thanks for visiting Pam:D I do feel lucky having seafood easily available here.

  8. @Kim...I love seafood but my 2nd son is allergic to shrimps and crabs so I don't cook these if I could help it.

  9. ALL KINDS OF SEAFOOD! Wow lucky you! Can't get anything like that here...:-(

  10. That dinner must have been worth every sen! Delicious.

  11. Hi Jeannie, love your new blog outlook...beautiful and refreshing! Love all the food here......mmmm. The Alaskan crabs are sure very expensive and so are the Scotland scallop! I have not cooked scallop here. Time to buy and try. I saw that it costs 50p per piece (quite big and without shell). Thanks for sharing.

  12. @Angie...come over to Malaysia:D Plenty of this kind of restaurants! was worth it, looking at the photos made me drool all over again lol!

    @Mary...Thanks and it's good to have you back:D Yes, the seafood are very expensive. The scallops sounds like a steal at 50p a piece!

  13. There's a branch of this Unique seafood restaurant in Ipoh too, but lately have found their prices to be a bit pricey. Used to be more reasonable when they first opened!

  14. @Cheah...everything is pricey these days:P but the food's really delicious!

  15. Oh! I love seafood, specially when they are this fresh :-)

  16. Jeannie - I love seafood too! Everything looks amazing.

  17. Looks like a tasty place! I love the fresh seafood photos!

  18. hi Jeannie
    what a feast you had!! that must be the best restaurant to go to, fresh seafood is wonderful, and I don't see how it could have been much fresher!
    thanks for sharing this wonderful meal with us!

  19. Now that is fresh seafood.


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