Saturday, July 31, 2010

Typical traffic woes for the past week....

Different days...
different highways...
similar scenes....sigh! looks like there is just no escaping the traffic crawl everytime it rained!

On the bright side, I cooked this simple yet delicious hoisin sauce pork ribs for dinner!


  1. Oh traffic...I despise traffic and try to avoid it all costs. My dream is to live in a city where I don't have to walk anywhere!

  2. Your hoisin sauce chicken looks really mouthwatering! Em... regarding the city traffic, I think it's the worst (Penang also the same) and even the road sign also really confusing. I really hated driving in KL! So, don't go there often. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. Talk about traffic in Malaysia...will frighten me to death! Malaysia, especially West Malaysia has one of the best roads in the world but the people drive so recklessly. By the way, glad you have the hoisin sauce pork ribs to cheer you up :D


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