Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ciabatta & Boule Bread

Baked this beautiful boule and loaf using the recipe found in The Fresh Loaf for lunch today and also for my lunch tomorrow at work. This is the first time I used this method of overnight poolish to bake ciabatta.  My usual way is just mixed everything up and proof until dough trippled before shaping and baking.

The following is the recipe:-


2.5 cups flour
1.5 cups water
1/4 tsp yeast

Mix together, then pour into a covered container and leave overnight in fridge.


All the poolish
3 cups flour
1 3/4 tsp salt
1.5 tsp instant yeast
6 tbs up to 3/4 cup water (I used 4 tbs olive oil and 2 tbs water)
 1 tbs of mixed herbs (optional)

1.Mix all ingredients roughly till combined with mixer fixed with paddle, let it rest for 10 minutes.

2.With the paddle beat the batter for as long as up to 30 minutes until the dough started to slap the side of the bowl and coming off from the bottom. Switch to hook if batter started to climb too high up the paddle.

3.Place into a well oiled container and let it triple! This takes about 2.5 hours. I usually speed things up by putting dough under the sun or near the stove.
4.Pour dough out, cut into 2 portions and shape one  into ciabatta and one into a  boule.  After shaping, proof for another 45 minutes. I score the boule before baking. Heat up oven to maximum heat (my oven at 250 Deg C). Place a bowl of hot water at the bottom of the tray to create steam. Before baking, spray the oven with water to create more steam.
5. Bake for 20 minutes, turn 180 deg and bake another 10 minutes or until bread is nicely brown and sounds hollow when tapped.

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  1. They are perfect Jeannie, ciabatta of course is my favorite bread. Your Boule look wonderful as well.

  2. You did it again, Jeannie! These would be perfect for panini or french toast. Yummy...
    Good night,

  3. You have become quite expert. They really look wonderful. I wish I could taste it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Ciabatta is one of my favorite breads, right up there along with pita and baguette; I would never have dreamt that making it at home was a possibility but you are encouraging me here!

  5. Ciabatta bread is one of my favorites! So crunchy and delicious.

  6. @erla....Thanks erla:D

    @Kristy...I had it with just butter. Still taste wonderful because it's so fresh and soft!

    @Mary...Thanks Mary and you have a wonderful day too.

    @tasteofbeirut...I find this bread very challenging because of the high hydration. But with poolish, it's much easier to handle.

    @Sook....It is becoming one of my favorites too!

  7. Oh, that bread looks lovely. I bet any leftovers would be gorgeous in the pappa al pomodoro recipe I've just posted. I must try it :-)

  8. Waw, Jeannie!! That bread looks just wonderful & ooh so appetizing too!

    MMMMMMMMM,.. a lovely bread!

  9. Your bread loaves look picture perfect, yum!

  10. @Robynx...Thanks! I would love to try your soup recipe to go with this bread.

    @Sophie...Thanks Sophie:D

    @Natasha...I still have lots of room for improvement where photography is concerned lol! Thanks!

    Have a wonderful day ladies...cheers always!

  11. Oh, that is a pretty loaf! Looks delicious...I'm drooling now ;)

  12. @girlichef...Thanks for visiting:) I have been to your blog and would drop by to check out your recipes!:D

    @pinknest...Thanks for visiting:)

    Have a wonderful day ladies :D

  13. These loaves look awesome! I can almost smell the aroma in your kitchen while they were baking in the oven.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. Glad to follow you back :)

  14. Your bread looks perfect! Love to see holes in bread.

  15. made ciabatta bread! I thought it's the most difficult bread in the world to make...haha. You are just No.1, Jeannie! I love to see all those holes...great to eat with curry...mmm

  16. Looks like the bread my mom and I used to make. So mouth-watering. Mmmm. This sounds interesting to make ... will have to try it. Thanks for finding AND sharing this recipe!

  17. Your ciabatta loaves rose so nice and high. I bet these loaves would be great for sandwiches!

  18. are welcomed:) nice to know you.

    @Ann...ya, I am always looking for those holes in my bread lol!

    @Mary...It is very difficult, the dough keep sticking to my hands! Just have to use lots of flour. But the results are very satisfying if successful.

    @Rosabela...Thanks for coming in:D I know you are a very busy gal!

    @Mimi...I packed some with just butter to work and they tasted just great!

  19. HA! I am a big bread fan. This would be really great to go with my cheese spread. :-))

  20. Oh Jeannie, great looking sure looks so yummie :-)

  21. @Angie...When I saw your cheese spread, that's precisely what I thought too!

    @Juliana...Thanks! Those loaves didn't last 2 days!

  22. How gorgeous are those? I am already thinking I have everything I need. Could start the poolish tonight...

  23. I can almost smell that ciabatta Jeannie...I hope I can make perfect bread too someday..I'm checking out the recipe, thanks for the link :)

  24. Claudia...I was thinking of making another batch but unfortunately the poolish took a long time to be ready.

    Olive, you are welcomed:)I find that site very helpful as the bread making methods and problems were discussed extensively. You can even post your questions there if you have doubts.

  25. Hello Jeannie...You maybe have never made the Italian cannoli...and I equally never yet have made my homemade bread.
    You seemed to have done a great job!
    Although I get the feeling that by next winter season...I will start adventuring myself into some bread making.
    Thanks for your permitted me to discover your unique food journal ;o)
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  26. Glad I visited your blog, it's such a pleasure to read.:)

  27. these are beautiful loaves of bread - wow!

  28. These are so beautiful! I love homemade bread. I need to start baking more of my own!

  29. @doggybloggy...welcome back..and thanks for your kind comment.

    @Kim....expecting to see more bread recipes from you :D

  30. Your loaves are always so beautiful, Jeannie. You inspire me to bake bread more often.

  31. Jeannie-
    I see your blog is getting more popular everyday! Love it. I know I already commented on this before but wanted to drop by and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. You're such a sweetie. :) Keep up the good work.

  32. @Cathy...Thanks a lot, Cathy:D

    @Sook...You are welcomed Sook:D

    Have a nice day ladies...cheers!

  33. Just popping in to say thank you for visiting! You have a beautiful blog with some great recipes! I look forward to seeing more :)


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