Friday, May 28, 2010

Plaited bread

These are braided using 7 strands of dough.

I have been pestering my son, Ken, for the recipe for this plaited bread ever since he told me he's learnt how to bake this in his class. Today, being a holiday here, I finally managed to get him to provide me with the recipe. I thought maybe I could learn the proper way of baking bread but found that his methods are basically what I have learnt from online recipes! I learnt for free and he has to pay for his lessons! Hmmmm...

Plaited Bread

Strong Flour    500g
Sugar   50g
Salt 10g
Yeast 20g
Milk 250ml
Eggs 2 nos
Butter 50g
 1) First blend flour, yeast, sugar and salt together, then add the wet ingredients (Milk and eggs) 
 2) Add in the butter and continue to knead until you achieved a soft, smooth dough. Cover with a damp towel and let it rise until double in size.
3) Punch down and weigh into 50 g dough. Rest for 15 mins and start shaping your dough.
4) Rest for another 30 mins until dough has risen and then bake at 190 degC for 20 minutes. Halfway through the baking, you can take out the bread for egg wash or continue baking until your bread is done.
5) Turn out on a rack to cool. Enjoy!

I am submitting this post to YeastSpotting. Do visit there,  plenty of bread recipes and photos to drool over.

These are 5 strands plaited bread


  1. Beautiful!

    Reminds me of the sweet bread my mother used to make at Easter.

  2. Oh wow, I love how your pleat the bread. They are beautiful! Hope you can teach us how to do it :)

  3. One word, Jeannie! Brilliant! And it's so cute, just like a piece of handicraft.

  4. This is very good bread, it looks perfect and golden and white and fluffy inside yum yum! Tell him it is a great recipe. :-)

  5. Wow, gorgeous bread loafs - very impressive work!

  6. What gorgeous loaves of bread! You have really perfected the braiding technique, Jeannie. Beautiful!

  7. Jeannie, the breads look awesome! Well done! Hope you'll have a great weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  8. @MrMeatball...Thanks!

    @Gertrude...I will try to take some step by step photos of how to braid the bread when I make it again.

    @Cheah...Thanks Cheah:D Still needs lots of practise to get more even braiding.

    @Chef Jeena...Thanks! He's reading my blog post and feeling real proud of himself.

    @Nastasha...Thanks! :D

    @Cathy...Thanks Cathy..I still have to practise to get more even braiding.

    Have a wonderful day all! Thanks for visiting..cheers!

  9. What gorgeous loaves of bread. I'm really impressed! It is so beautiful that I would hate to cut into it :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  10. What a coincidence, I am going to shape bread in a plait this weekend and had to look up how to do it. You're lucky you have your son to show you how. I hope my attempt looks as beautiful as yours.

  11. @Kristy...Thanks and you have a great weekend too.

    @Mary....The boys just tore it with their hands to eat the bread, no cutting involved lol!

    @Marty...It is pretty simple once you get someone to show you how! I couldn't figure it out until my son showed me, duh! Do post your plaited bread in your blog Marty.


  12. Oh wow...these are totally beautiful! Must be so fun to make them. It's like braiding hair...haha. Looks professional lah :D Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Jeannie, you beat me here. I make a lot of challah, but never attempted to make something like this complicated. You are an accomplish baker for sure. Very pretty!

  14. Forgot to mention, that you should send and share this with "yeast spotting" member at Wildyeast.

  15. Thanks is quite easy once you are shown the way to do it. I'll check out the site you mentioned. cheers!

  16. Very beautiful bread! You are a wonderful bread maker.

  17. Jeannie,
    The bread looks incredible!

  18. Gorgeous! It's almost a shame to eat something so pretty :)

  19. @Bo...Thanks! You made very good muffins:D Shall we batter? lol!

    @Sook....Thanks Sook:D

    @Becky...It's gone before it's even cooled lol! Boys have no qualms about eating pretty things, if you know what I mean...:P

  20. I love the texture of your bread. It looks so nice and fluffy.

  21. Oh! Such a beautiful bread and the texture in that picture looks so soft and airy. Your braiding and shape of the bread turned out so professional. I need to overcome my apprehension of baking bread! =)

  22. @Mimi...Thanks Mimi:D It was nice and fluffy

    @Cristina...Thanks! You'll get addicted to it once you've started:D

  23. Wow this looks so amazing. I made a plaited bread before and htougth it was impressive till i saw this.... Nice job. I am sure you enjoyed eating every bite...

  24. I did enjoy it very much and so does my boys:D Thanks for dropping, joudie.


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