Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch up on this weekend meals...

Uncooked pot stickers.. One part hot dough, one part cold, mixed together and you get soft chewy dough!

Love at first bite mmmmmmmm..........juicy!

And I did this for eh?  Part of exercise:D First knead the dough to exercise the fingers, then chew on the heavenly morsels to exercise the jaw! hehehe!

I know, this should be breakfast, but I served these soft fluffy rolls for dinner! So good you can eat it on it's own.....err...sounds familiar lol!

 Round enough? I didn't egg washed them, in a hurry to bake cos the accompanying dish is ready! Talk about bad timing! 


  1. Hey Jeannie, one stone two birds huh! Actually, you can even dance some more lol! I dance in my kitchen. haha... Have a pleasant evening, dear.
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. What a wonderful meal! Your pot stickers look much filling!! That's what I would love to have. I think I will be very full and satisfied with just 3 pieces! :D

  3. You see this two things are my weakness, a good roll an chinese dumpling. I can eat them both at the same time. The only thing is I haven't tried to make my own dumpling. I bet it tastes much better then the a restaurant dumpling.

  4. Oh Jeannie, you made potstickers from scratch...very nice...they sure look so juice and tasty.

  5. Jeannie, I love dumplings and yours are especially appealing. I really like this post. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  6. @Kristy....Sometimes I do squats while keeping an eye on the cake baking in the oven...trying to get rid of some calories before putting in more lol!

    @MaryMoh....They were quite big...easier and faster to make:D Well only the boys are eating them and they are certainly not dainty themselves! They only kept 2 for me.

    @elra.... It's quite easy to make as I have marinated the minced meat the night before. Nothing beats freshly cooked dumplings early in the morning:D

    @Juliana...Thanks Juliana, It's not often I do this, but I do have my moments.

    @Mary...Thanks so much, appreciate it:D

    Do have a cheerful day ladies! Now back to work :P

  7. Mmmm I want those dumplings... They look scrumptioius!

  8. I really want to try making my own pot stickers sometime. These look so yummy as do these wonderful rolls! ;)

  9. These pot stickers are totally mouth watering!

  10. dumplings can make three of yours in size lol! Your gyoza is so dainty compared to mine.

    @Kim.....Thanks Kim:D Pretty easy to make really!

    @Natasha....I like your version of dumplings too!

  11. The pot stickers look first rate. Very nice.

    I once made soup dumplings. I suspect you'd do well at that.

    Thanks for checking in on my blog.

  12. I have the same way of prepare pot sticker dough, combine hot and cold..

  13. @ Mr Meatball...thanks for visiting..and yes, I sometimes cook dumplings in soup and add some noodles to make a more substantial meal out of it. Delicious with soya and preserved green chillies!

    @Sonia...I think this kind of dough gave a better texture to the dumplings...more chewy.

  14. I have never made potstickers...I really must learn! Because they are one of my favorite foods. Yours look so big and delicious...just the kind I would love to make.

  15. Those potstickers look glorious...

  16. Hy Jeannie,
    First time here...Wonderful space you have..
    Loved your potstickers recipe...sounds yummy...def gonna try this.
    You are most welcome to my space.

  17. Jeannie your pot stickers are so beautiful. I need to learn how to do that!


  18. Actually, what I meant was dumplings where the soup is INSIDE the dumplings. It's Shanghai style. Here are a couple links if you're interested.

  19. @Bo...I am cooking for boys so I usually make my dumplings big to suit their preference:P

    @Koek.....Thanks for your visiting:D

    @Jay...Hello! Nice to meet you...been reading your blog on Kuala Lumpur and other wonderful countries..very informative! Thanks for visiting:D

    @Laura...Thanks:D I've been telling everyone that it was pretty easy to make pot stickers. I have my reservations too, initially.

    @MrMeatball...thanks for the links, I'll check it out:D

  20. We are huge potsticker fans here. I have never made them from scratch - just a lazybones? Yours are truly mouthwatering - I'd gobble them up for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  21. Claudia, We have our lazy moments:D Thanks n hope you have a nice day!


  22. HAha. All i do these days ie exactly what you described.... Excersise my JAW! I love potstickers and made them myself a couple of months ago. I have to say they are one of my favourite things EVER! I love the blog!


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