Saturday, April 24, 2010

Siew Bao (Flaky Roasted Pork Pastry Buns)

When I saw the recipe for this yummy pastry buns in Reesekitchen and was so inspired by her siew pao which looks so good, I told myself that I have to try it! So this morning after my morning jog, I went to the market and bought some roasted pork and a can of green beans for the fillings. I followed the recipe exactly but would suggest that you decrease the shortening for the oil dough because I find it too sticky and had to add more flour to make it easier to handle. In the end, I have some extra oil dough left over.
 I had also used the sauce that comes with the pork as the seasoning to substitute for the oyster sauce and sugar.
These were really good and flaky! I had 2 for lunch
. These I glaze twice to make them  more golden.

I like the layers of flaky pastry of these crispy and light!
Will definitely make this again! Thanks Reese for the recipe.


  1. Fantastic, Jeannie. I would love the roasted pork filling.

  2. Wow! they sure look flaky and oh so good! Nice job, I can almost taste them from the photo! :)

  3. I've been craving for these. They look so good!

  4. HI Jeannie,
    the pork pastry looks fabulous! Yum!

  5. I cheated using puff pastry before and made char siew sou out of it :)

  6. Wow...char siu puffs!! Now I'm so hungry! They are always my favourite. The pastry looks so flaky. I have to try mine again.

  7. Jeannie dear, we call this 'siew bao' or 'char siew sou'! Isn't it great to make our own and enjoy it fresh from the oven! Hmm...really really crispy!
    Have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Kristy

  8. @Cathy...the roasted pork is easily available here from the market so do not have to make it myself:D

    @Lyndsey...Thanks:D My photos are not very good unlike many bloggers who have very nice photos that I love to drool over.

    @tracieMoo...Thanks for visiting, I am trying to figure out a way to leave a comment in your blog!

    @Sook...Thanks! They are very yummy!

    @tigerfish...if I can get hold of some puff pastry, I would cheat too lol!

    @Mary...It is my favourite too! Very grateful to Reese for posting the recipe. Now do not have to buy from outside.:D

    @Kristy...Thanks for the correction, I am not very good with the names of food lol! Yes, very delicious straight out of the oven...very heaty too!

  9. I would love to try making these. They look so delicious! ;)

  10. Kim, you can try it with other fillings too! Should be just as good if not better:D

  11. since you strongly recommended this recipe, i must get my hands to do this soon.

  12. Jeannie, this buns sure look delicious, love the flaky dough...yours look absolutely gorgeous!

  13. @Sonia...I am planning to make another batch this weekend if I have not found something new to try, i.e.:D

    @Juliana...Thanks!:D Why don't you try it too.

  14. The dough looks so wonderful and flaky. I might just have to try this recipe!

  15. @5StarFoodie....Thanks:D

    @Bo...Please do try it and let us know the result:D


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