Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday's breakfast...

Sweet Potatoes soup...just sweetened with sugar and did not add the coconut milk for something more healthy.
And ended up baking red bean buns for taking to work during the weekdays. Followed Kristy's way of twisting them into knots. Very pretty.


  1. I always make my sweet potato 'tong sui' without coconut milk, yes more healthy. Mmm ....cute, pretty buns! And since I'm the first to stop by, do I get any?

  2. Hey, if Cheah gets some buns I want some! Heh. Looks great!

  3. That's my favourite...sweet potato soup! Love the red bean buns. Must be so delicious fresh from the oven. Wish again I'm your colleague :P

  4. :D I'll make some for you guys if you'll come visit me! That would be great eh?

  5. Wow, so enjoy huh! Sweet dessert and yummilicious bread. I'll skip dinner for that for sure!

  6. @Joie de vivre ...thanks!
    @Kristy... no more sweet potato soup for dinner, buns are for lunch during work days:D

  7. now I dont' know which one to try, this red bean buns or the crepes..

    I love sweet potatoes too just so hard to find the golden yellow variety where I live

    thanks for sharing Jeannie!! :)


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