Monday, March 8, 2010

Homemade Burger

From the buns, right down to the patties! I baked the buns together with a loaf for breakfast.
Burger bun sliced and ready to be buttered and toasted
The patties, seasoned and mixed with flour/breadcrumbs ratio of 2:1, shaped and ready for frying
The whole assemble, boys waiting impatiently for the photos to be taken:P
Two bites down and wait again for the last photo shoot...hehe! They agreed their mother is out of her mind!
Tuck in! Yumm! Err...the lettuce is gone, it's only there for decoration.  Luckily the buns are wholemeal so it's quite a healthy burger,no?


  1. Yummy burgers, sound especially good with the homemade buns!

  2. Can I have a bite... oh.. its midnight now, where can I find burger??

  3. Sausage burgers on homemade buns? Awesome! I love it.

  4. This recipe will come handy for me next week. My brother's one year wedding anniversary is coming up and he's throwing a BBQ. Let's see how mine turns out!

  5. Wow, burgers on a homemade bun! That is so fantastic!

  6. Jeannie, your burger makes me very hungry now! I just love all our home baked bread. Your boys are very lucky.

  7. @5 Star Foodie..:D it is really good, I ate the whole burger for dinner.
    @Chef Nash...You can make your own burger:D
    @Bob...Thanks you always have kind words for everyone:D
    @Xiao Yen Recipes...Do try it, you won't regret it! Can use a variety of minced meat and flavours for BBQ, e.g. add chilli flakes for spice or black pepper sauce.
    @Sook...It's not as healthy as your creations but what the heck, once in a while I do indulge:D
    @Mary...My boys are very picky eaters and they do not appreciate some of my bakes unfortunately:P

  8. Wow, amazing...even the buns were homemade...very nice! Even I'd be impatient waiting for the burgers ;-)

  9. How lovely! Homemade burger sounds great! The bread looks perfect too.

  10. I admire those who can bake bread, somehow it never works for me, mine always turns out dry or hard but yours look wonderful!

  11. @Juliana,Joie, Kristy...Thanks:D I do get some help making the patties from my 2nd son:D
    @momgateway...thanks for dropping by. I have gone through my share of baking hard as rock bread myself so I do know what you meant lol! Keep on practising and kneading those dough and soon you'll get the hang of it! Good luck!


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