Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crystal Dumplings

After seeing Kristy's dumplings in her blog, I just can't wait to try it out. As I do not have any shrimps at home and also Ken doesn't eat shrimps, I substituted with minced chicken mixed with some chopped carrots and leeks instead. Just a simple marination of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. I think the skin could be thinner and of course more practise needed to shape the dumplings.
The shaping sure needs some practising! But the taste is delicious and healthy too because very little oil is used. I am going to try making this again with other variety of fillings! Thanks so much Kristy, for sharing your recipe with us. Oh and thanks so much for another lovely award. :D
Ingredients :
300gm prawns
some spring onion and fresh coriander leaves

Seasoning :
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tspn corn starch
1 tspn vegetarian oyster sauce
1/2 tspn sesame oil
1 tbsp shortening (optional)

* marinade shrimps with the seasoning & spring onion, then set aside.

Ingredients for Dumpling Skin :

100gm wheat starch
50gm tapioca starch
150ml hot water

Method :
- combine wheat starch and tapioca starch in a big bowl.
- stir in the hot water slowly and stir untill turned into soft dough.
- knead the dough untill smooth.
- divide dough into 20 dough balls and cover with damp cloth.


  1. The shape look good to me! :)

  2. Oh what a delicious recipe! I love any kind of dumplings, really. They look beautiful!

  3. You're most welcome! Wow Jeannie, well done! The dumplings look very beautiful and perfectly wrap. Hey, what else do we expect to...we're just a housewife (I mean ME) LOL! haha...

  4. Yummy dumplings the filing looks wonderful!

  5. @Bob..Thanks, you are such a motivator:D
    @Sook...The recipe could be improved and so do the wrapping lol!
    @Kristy...You certainly keep yourself busy with your baking and cooking, you have a new post literally every day! Such delicious looking food too. Your family is very lucky.
    @Chef Jeena...thanks a bunch:D

  6. looks delicious Jeannie, it's one of my frustration, to make really nice looking dumplings..I'll try this, I will follow your cue and replace it with chicken too, husband's allergic to shrimp :)

    Congrats on your award :)

  7. I love that wrap! These look outstanding!!

  8. @Olive.....the ingredients and the skin are pretty simple to prepare, the only snack is shaping.
    @Kim....thanks Kim:D

  9. Wow....that looks really beautiful and delicious. I really like how it's so trasparent that you can see the colourful fillings. Hope to try this sometime. The best is if you or Kristy can make for me :P

  10. These are so preciously beautiful! The filling is very delicious!

  11. MY these dumplings look delicious. The filling is beautiful MMmmm I could easily eat a dozen of these ... in a blink of an eye :) Thank you for sharing!

  12. Thank you all for dropping by and leaving your comments, I appreciate it:D

  13. Your dumplings are pefect, Jeannie. Love the wrapper that you've used. They look so good with that lovely shrimp inside.

  14. Thanks Cathy but I substituted shrimps with chicken:D

  15. these look gorgeous and amazing. what kind of dumpling wrapper did you use?

  16. @doggybloggy....hey love your blog name:D

    @SashalnTheKitchen...I make my own wrapper. The recipe is given in Kristy's blog. Just click on the word "blog" and you will be led there :D


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